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Red Eyes in the Darkness

Updated on July 8, 2012
all rights reserved copyright
all rights reserved copyright

The Woods With no Name

My son saw and experienced something very bizarre when he was in his twenties. He and his friends decided to camp out in the woods near a waterfall in one of the beautiful southern states.The area was not known to have anything unusual having happened there and it appeared to be a great place to hunt and fish. The other young men and my son were intending to hunt deer in the wooded area, and it was the first day of deer season on that Saturday that they set up camp. After setting up several tents and putting aside their equipment, the group of hunters got their firearms ready and began walking toward the heavy woods. After they had walked for several minutes, one of the men saw a strange glowing red light in the trees ahead. He called attention to it and all of the group saw it. It hovered above the ground about twenty feet up and made no sound. Suddenly a darkly dressed figure came out of the orb and began to approach the group of hunters, who by now were beginning to panic. The members of the group decided to return to their camp and wait out the night. It was getting late and really not a good time to be walking in the woods. The red orb and black figure had disappeared and the orb seemed to have vanished. One odd thing is that the men saw red eyes flash in the head of the tall dark figure.

The group of five hunters were sleepless and got up early before daylight the next morning in order to go back into the woods. They had seemed to forget about the strange sights they had all witnessed the evening before. They got on stands to wait for deer and one of my son's friends got lucky and bagged a nice white tail weighing about one hundred pounds. The other fellows helped clean the animal and drag it back to camp. About the middle of the day the hunters decided to take a nap and rest before going back into the woods. At around three o'clock they all returned to their stands and began to wait for more chances at seeing deer. Before long, my son saw another red glowing orb shaped ship hovering high above the woods and coming back in the direction of their camp site. He shouted for the other hunters and they all came in a hurry. Two more black clothed figures at least six or seven feet tall hovered and appeared to float towards the group. In a panic, one of the younger hunters fired his rifle at the figures. It appeared to have no effect on the dark figure and it kept coming ever near to the group. The red eyes glowed as it seemed to chase after the men.

By this time some of the others fired their weapons and then the two strange beings turned and began heading back toward their ship. The group of young men began to give chase to the black clothed visitors and more gun shots were taken at the escaping pair. My son said that the ship seemed to hover for awhile and then suddenly shot upward in an instant and disappeared. The hunters decided to head back to camp immediately and leave as quickly as possible. When the men got to their camp they loaded the deer that was taken and got in their cars to leave. On the way out of the wooded area, the red orb reappeared in the sky above their cars and seemed to follow them for several miles until they got near a small town. Then the strange object, once again disappeared from sight.

Needless to say, the hunters never wanted to return to that neck of the woods again. They marked it up as something that they could never explain and went about their regular lives. My son and I have seen strange sights in the woods. We found a cow hide one day that had been removed of its insides. The hide was fully in tact, except all of the bones and flesh was removed. It was found next to a fence and on a farmer's property where we had hunted in the past. The farmer told us of how some of his cattle had been strangely mutilated with what looked like cuts from knives. The animals had their insides missing and some were completely drained of blood. Another time I saw silver disks hover over the area, and once a strange blue ship shaped like a globe, hovered soundlessly in the sky for about three hours. There have been many strange and unexplained lights, ships and disks seen in the sky over this area and many others around the states. No real explanation can be given for most of these odd sightings. The strange encounter that my son and his friends experienced was one of the most unusual that I have ever heard of in all these years.


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    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      A roommate & friend I knew for five years while I lived in Philadelphia had a similar experience. He and some friends were in the forest, smoking marijuana. A bright bluish-white light orb floated up. They thought they imagined it at first. They asked it, "Are you an intelligent form? If so, bob up and down two times." It did and they all "freaked out". The panic caused it to leave.

      I have also heard stories of these ships appearing, and orbs appearing, to Christians. These had a sound mind to command the presence, "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, GO!" The orbs, saucers and balls of light have all departed immediately. This is because they are demonic.