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Relevance vs. Irrelevance

Updated on September 1, 2011

Have you ever been in a conversation and find yourself thinking or saying that is irrelevant? All of us from time to time find it hard too keep up with a conversation especially when it's a conversation that we want to avoid or simply find no interest in. Therefore, I would like to write about the importance of RELEVANCE VS. IRRELEVANCE because it's a subject that effects our lives on a daily basis.


For years I have been speaking with men and women about the subject of Relevance vs. Irrevelance. Some Women tend to be on the side of Relevance and as with their Men tending to be on the side of Irrelevance. This is especially true when these men and women disagree. Nine times out of ten, these women are talking/arguing about something the men does not want to deal with and vice versa. It's a common relationship issue and will be until the end of time. However, I have found one subject where some women tend to be Irrelevant silly and that is on the subject of cheating. For instance if this particular group of women find out or suspects their men are cheating; they are more concerned with how the other woman looks . THAT IS IRRELEVANT!! Their concern should be if this other woman has any diseases and if their men are using protection. Above anything else this should be their major concern because far too many women are dying of aids, especially African American Women . Secondly, but just as important, these women need to make certain that the other woman is indeed a woman. In the past few years I have come to find out about a society called the "On the Low, Brothers". This a society of men that pretend to be heterosexual with the wives, kids and girlfriends, etc; but are actually gay/bisexual and are having gay relations. Although, this has been done for years it was rare; now it's a social issue . Therefore, how the woman looks is Irrelevant and if the woman is indeed a woman and she is "DISEASE FREE" then it becomes Relevant on what to do about the situation. As for the other case scenario some stay and others run as fast as they can, it's not for me to decide. Now as for the men in the Irrelevance Department when it comes to anything that has to do with emotions, you can forget it. They see life as basically black and white. Nothing else matters. That is until it becomes Relevant to them such as money issues. Basically a man is more laid back than a woman and as long as his needs are being met he's at one with the world.

Conclusion: However, men must take note that women need to be heard as well as women need to take note that men need to be understood .


Now lets move on to the Church; it doesn't matter the religion. If you are a believer: GOD'S word is final. Everything about God's Word and his instructions for our life is Relevant but what is Irrelevant is how you feel things should go with your fellow believers, Pastor, etc. This is the reason God left instructions through the writing of his disciples and prophets. For example, if someone finds the Lord and joins a Church that is mainly ran by gays, you can not extinguish their hope in the Lord by judging them nor the church they chose to join. We are all God's children and he died to save us all.

Conclusion: Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Matthew 7:1-2


Next!! Lets talk about the labor market when it comes to pay. It's Irrelevant who gets the job done we all should be paid the same. If a man and woman works side by side on an assembly line or any job for that matter, then they both deserve the same pay. The argument that men are the head of the house, bread winners, etc; is past tense. Women are now the head of their households and should be paid accordingly; Relevant.

Conclusion: As of 1998, there were 12.8 million single mothers heading households. In 1998, more than half of all first births were to single women, about 53 percent. The typical American household has changed drastically in the last generation. In the year 1960, 45% of all households were composed of married couples with children. As of the 2000 Census, that figure is only 23% of households. The 2000 Census also reveals that during the 1990s in the United States, there was a 25% increase in the number of households headed by single mothers. In all, there was a 71% increase in the number of households headed by unmarried partners during the last decade.

The median income for single parent women head of households with children under six years old is roughly 1/4 that of two parent households. (National Survey of Families and Households)

$39 billion dollars is owed in back child support to 29 million children of single parent women. (2000 National Child Support Report)

78% of all single parent women are employed (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2002-2003)

Forty-five percent of all single parent women hold down more than one job. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2002-2003)

Sleep, self-time, and chores are among the top things working mothers forgo to spend time with their children. (University of Maryland Study, 2002)

In 49 states the average annual cost of childcare exceeds the annual cost of public college tuition. (National Association of Working Women, 2002)

Single parent women experience the highest rate of unemployment, and receive the lowest rate of pay regardless of their education. (Economic Roundtable, 2004)

41% of single moms live at or below the poverty level as compared to only 8% of married couples with children under the age of 18. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2002-2003)

While the hourly wage for women without children is 90% of a man’s, the comparable figure for women with children is 70%. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2002-2003)

Fewer than 17% of all single moms receive government assistance even in the minor form of food stamps. (Economic Roundtable, 2002

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Parents it is IRRelevant what you may think or have heard about your child or his/her friends however, it is Relevant what you know about your child and his/her friends. These days many parents are lazy and would rather listen to hearsay than sit down and talk with their own children.This is why we are losing our children to gang violence, teenage pregnancy, etc. Also, we have many parents worrying about their youth and trying to keep up with their children....not cool! As for the other few they are too preoccupied with their careers, etc., etc.

CONCLUSION: Parents step up to the plate, your kids need you.


It is Irrelevant what color skin someone is wearing. No one is more superior than the other one. We all bleed the same blood, have the same genetic makeup. Each race has bad people and each race bring something positive to this world. WHY? can't we just get along.

As for all the other matters of life that I have not covered the message can not be any clearer than we as a nation need to come together and this is as RELEVANT as it will get.


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    • SweetMocha-Monroe profile image

      SweetMocha-Monroe 8 years ago

      Thanks for your comment, it's amazing how some of our minds work.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      Very Relevant hub! You make some great points! Last time I was in management our ED never wanted me to hire women with children because they would need to be off more often. How he could tell me that knowing I was a single mom of 2 kids is beyond me.

      As an OR nurse I can verify that everyone is the same color on the inside. :D