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Rescue the Earth with These Inventions

Updated on August 24, 2017

Science as key to rescue the dying earth

As technology becomes sophisticated, the seemingly unanswerable questions have been answered. Breakthrough innovations that could propel scientists to unlock mysteries, augment a company’s profit by reducing costs, ease and comfort on the part of the ordinary people.

Webster defined “innovation” as an introduction of something new, which could be an idea, device or method. Innovations progressed through rigorous research, product of a creative mind suffering from extreme boredom, or just a eureka moment.

Earth is in dire need of innovation that can mitigate, if not purge the detrimental effects of greenhouse gasses. Luckily, people with brilliant minds that are capable of aid in attaining sustainable economic growth and development are receptive to the call of saving the earth.


Hydrogen as fuel – Utilizing hydrogen as fuel isn’t new to my ears. There was an account of a Filipino who discovered that water can be a substitute for fossil fuel gas oil.

How does hydrogen become a fuel? Hydrogen fuel is a zero-emission fuel when burned with oxygen (if one considers water not as an emission) or used in a contained cell (allowing to react galvanically) also capable of 'reversing' the reaction if needed. It often uses electrochemical cells, or combustion in internal engines, to power vehicles and electric devices. (

One good case in point of a vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel is a tram from China that emits water as its by-product. Sifang, a Chinese company is responsible for creating the tram for cleaner environment and operation cost minimization. Since this is a tram and not a train, the top speed will only be 70 kilometers per hour and it will be used in urban areas only. (


Mushroom as Packaging Material- Plastic is everywhere. In as much as we would want to get rid of plastic, we actually need it sometimes. Bottom line is; the invention of plastic had caused both a solution and a problem. A plastic momentarily solves our current dilemma but later poses a huge threat to our environment.

For a food Plastic might sit in a landfill, or litter a street, for thousands of years without decomposing. ( There are alternatives to plastic discovered by scientists such as bioplastics and an ecological friendly polymer called, Polylactic acid.

Mushrooms enhanced the flavor of several dishes by creating a complex taste. This fungus has a new role in an innovative company that offers an unconventional answer to the consumer’s packaging needs. A new company called Ecovative says it has the solution to the wasteful and environmentally destructive use of plastics in packaging, insulation, and cars: materials made of agricultural byproducts and mushrooms. “( If more companies like Ecovative will emerge, the harms caused by the products made of plastics will be reduced.

Pelamis Wave Power
Pelamis Wave Power | Source

Waves as source of power- The Ocean is a great source of food. Don’t you know that in Portugal, the waves of the ocean powered over a thousand homes?

Waves contain an abundance of energy that could be directed to turbines, which can then turn this mechanical power into electrical.(


Plant Protein as an alternative to meat- Beef is a good source of protein, but does a lot of damage on the earth’s atmosphere. Beef alone requires 28 times more land to produce than pork or chicken, 11 times more water and has five times more climate-warming emissions, which estimates to a fifth of total emissions, according to a new paper published by Bard College, the Weizmann Institute of Science, and Yale University. (

Producing an alternative to meat, which does not only look physically similar but also tastes the same is a breakthrough. In the same article, Beyond Meat was mentioned as a company who innovated meat replacements.

Are we doing enough to save earth?

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Reliance to the innovators will not suffice in curbing greenhouse gas emissions. A transformation in everyone’s lifestyle can have a tremendous contribution to the goal of sustainable growth and development. Simple actions, for instance turning off appliances when it’s not in use, walking instead of using your car, and recycling can do a lot for the environment.


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