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The best division 10 ladies restroom products, accessories and hardware.

Updated on February 25, 2016
A wide variety of feminine hygiene items on the market.
A wide variety of feminine hygiene items on the market.

Sanitary napkin and tampon disposal should keep up with the products available on the market.

Sanitary napkins have changed a lot over the years and we now have so many options: Sanitary pads for day, for night, for light days, for heavy days; tampons for light days, medium days and heavy days, for sports, with applicator or without, scented, unscented, feminine name it. But with all of these added options comes a host of other issues for their disposal. We now see a tremendous amount of damage to plumbing, pumps, waste-water treatment plants and our environment. We see frustrated janitorial staff and custodians faced with accidental exposure to other peoples blood and bodily fluids or even accidental needle-stick injuries. Why with this new, modern day plethora of products, are we using our mothers' generation disposal bin?

Broken and poorly lined sanitary napkin receptacle

The common "Do Not Flush" sign

Sanitary napkin and tampon disposal systems today are not adequate.

When we walk into the ladies restroom today, we notice "Do not flush" signs, broken, unlined or overstuffed sanitary napkin receptacles and unsanitary surfaces. This is a broken system. It goes back and forth between building and facility managers, janitors, custodians and patrons. Each one blaming the other for the conditions and costly damage that we find.

Building and facility managers often see costly damage resulting from people flushing personal hygiene items and in an effort to correct this post "Do Not Flush" signs. But what should women do if they are told items are flushable? Or, they see an overflowing, stuffed sanitary napkin receptacle? Or, open a receptacle to see disgusting items lurking there? Or, the sanitary napkin receptacle is soiled, filthy, unlined or broken?

We have to understand the woman's perspective here. Women use many varieties products. Some are more absorbent than others, some drip, some have plastic applicators and some can be wrapped up. For health and hygiene reasons, they need to be changed frequently throughout the day. Women already try to avoid touching as few surfaces in the restroom as possible and no one wants to enter the restroom to come in contact with other peoples blood, bodily fluids, disturbing visible waste and odor.

Providing modern, convenient, discreet and sanitary disposal options is the only path to breaking this vicious cycle of women's needs, clean up, signs and damage.

Golden Group International, Ltd. in New York has developed a modern system of disposal that includes educational signs for ladies who do not understand what can be flushed, convenient bag dispensers; providing a clean, discreet and sanitary disposal bag at the time and place needed. And sanitary napkin receptacles; that have been designed not only for the woman disposing of her items but also keeps in mind the janitorial team who cleans it.

Well... You decide.

S.A.C. Instructions for proper disposal of feminine hygiene items. For use with the S.A.C. bag dispenser and sanitary napkin receptacle.

One of the many signs available from
One of the many signs available from

WOW...look at the color options! S.A.C. modern feminine hygiene disposal products.


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    • profile image

      Amber Lawhon 

      2 years ago

      Good idea. You have covered many issues. However, I showed my niece to get her opinion and she was mortified. Shes 13 and the idea that someone might see her carry it from a stall to the trash can, had her a little more than worried. As far as real world application, too many benefits to name.


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