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Reverse Racism: It exists!

Updated on June 14, 2014

Do racial stereotypes cause racism?

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Warning: Written based upon personal experiences.

On an episode of South Park, Cartman is being targeted by children from his school because he was the 1% that was obese, and he was forcing the 99% of his school to participate in extra gym classes due to them failing the Presidential Health Test. When two of his stuffed animals had been "killed", he was asked where he felt safest in the city. He chose his friend Token, saying that "Nowadays for some reason black people can't get in trouble for anything". When I was younger (less than 10 years ago) I didn't see this. I felt everyone would get in trouble for their actions equally. But in the last 4 years alone, that has changed.

For example, I had neighbors who were two adult black females, and 8 black kids ranging from age 2 to 17. (Yes, all in one home. A one bedroom broken down apartment that ended up having to be re-built inside out and fumigated twice after they were evicted). The only boy in the family was a teenager and is still on probation; and at one point began beating his mom's car window and door angry he couldn't go with her and his siblings to the store. (Note: He was freaking out because he had thrown rocks at our windows and thought he'd get in trouble with the police if he was left behind). He also had many times stared into our windows and tried to intimidate us, because I had asked them to stop using the "N" word in front of my apartment and to be quiet so they didn't wake up my newborn. He has had the police called on him for physically attacking his siblings and breaking windows, and would attempt to antagonize my husband into fights. The mother never disciplines her children, she cursed at them daily just for coming out of the one bedroom apartment they all share. They were evicted from their home not for threatening my family, not for throwing racial slurs at us ("White bitch", "Cracker", etc), not for damaging my property, not for violating their lease and having wayyy to many people in a one bedroom, but for lack of rent payment. That's it. When they had gotten so loud that you cannot hear anything but them and their profanity, and the police were called, the entire family proceeded to scream about "those white bitches that keep calling the cops on us". So it's okay for them to use racial slurs towards me but if I were to ever stoop that low I'd be called a racist?

I was called "Miss Piggy", "White Bitch", "White Cow", "Cracker", and more by this family while they were here. They would specifically wait until I was around to start oinking at me and calling me names even in front of my infant child, and would tell their friends to avoid the "white bitch". This was okay by the mother's standards, yet I would NEVER teach my child to act in such a way. I have never used racial slang regarding anyone. I know that the "N" word is completely unacceptable and disrespectful and I have never used that term towards anyone. This is okay though within the city I live in, and I don't believe it's right. You hear children walking down the street that are black who are just rambling on and on with profanity, sexual commentaries, racial slurs against other races, and they say it as loud as they can because they have no regard to the others around them...and when people get upset the excuse is "Oh they're just ghetto". No, they're rude. Their parents are rude, and it should stop.

This is not to say that white people are better. It depends definitely on the location of the family, the income level, and the raising of the children to adulthood. I fully believe that a great example of this would be the show "Justified", and it shows how depending on many things, how people would react to others around them. I was raised in an upper middle-class home, I was given my own cable television by 5th grade in my bedroom, video games, toys, new clothes all the time. I got to decide for the family when we ate out and what we ate, and so on. I was also taught that you never speak ill towards adults, you never yell and scream outside even when playing with friends, you respect other people's property and if you didn't you were grounded, you were spanked, and if you used profanity or talked back you got soap in the mouth. I never once felt abused, neglected, or treated badly for my discipline. I lived in apartments, duplexes, and houses throughout my life and I never once acted with the same behavior as the children today. Was it because I was white? Or because I was taught to respect everyone?

Yesterday, my family went to Walmart and got in the checkout line where the cashier was black. She was talking and joking with a girl who was also black, and they kept on going until I'd gotten all the items on the belt and stepped forward. They then went silent, and gave me a rude stare for trying to get to where I needed to, which would get in their way. The entire time the cashier was checking us out she didn't say a word to me nor look at me even though I said hello with a smile. She didn't ask me if I found everything I needed or what method of payment I was using. She didn't even say have a nice day. But the moment we were walking away, we were 5 feet away and the person behind us said hi who was also black, and the cashier just started rambling away! I called out "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" with a smile, and I was given a "Go to hell" look before she turned back to the new customer, and began mumbling about us.

In the same shopping trip, we were going down an aisle and we stopped to help our daughter drink some juice out of her cup. There was plenty of room for a woman to push her cart around us, but she avoided us twice like we were carrying some strange genetic disease and went the long way down the aisle. When she finally had to go near us, one of her younger kids reached out to mine as if to say hello and the woman tugged her kid's arm back going "Don't get near those white people."

This is okay? You're totally okay with teaching your child to dislike other races? What on earth did I ever do to you besides step into the same aisle with you and your children? Or what about the cashier? What did I do to you besides smile and wish you a "Merry Christmas"? I know my breath was minty fresh, and I know I didn't have food in my teeth nor do I have any giant moles on my face. I also know I don't have the word "loser" tattooed to my forehead so I'd appreciate this reverse racism stopped.

Don't like what I say? You didn't have to read. It's simple, I believe that there are no "racists" in the world. I believe there are races who are proud to be negative influences to their heritages. As such, if they are stereotyped in a bad light for their behavior, they shouldn't get pouty and claim "racism" they should fix their behavior. I'm not a perfect person and I never will be, but I now live in a lower class neighborhood and do not act as such. I don't do drugs, I don't drink heavily, I don't have multiple children. I don't sit outside all day and wolf howl at the opposite sex. I don't scream at my husband from the front porch for everyone to hear. All of these actions are stereotypes of "poor whites", I don't give into it, and neither should anyone else.

When a five year old calls someone a "fat ugly white bitch" the first thing that runs in your mind is "Why does that child know to use race in that insult?" Why is a five year old even getting involved in something she should know nothing about? Why is she using language she shouldn't even know? The answer: The parent(s) are racist towards (in this case) white people, and have taught the daughter that this white person is a "bitch" as well as "Fat" and "ugly". Why teach your child something like this? Yet even in schools there is natural segregation. In high school in 2002 in a town in Texas, races were naturally divided by skin color, and very rarely did you see them mix unless they were in sports or clubs together. Hispanics/Mexicans would stand together, Black teens would be together, whites themselves were divided into two groups, there were the whites that were proud to do drugs and be quiet loners, and then there were the ones who were "Goody two shoes". Both though kept to themselves and caused trouble but not very often. Asians were always quiet and kept to themselves, as well as all other races. This kind of segregation was fought against years ago, and now is done simply by choice.

Yet when any incident occurred that was multi-race involved, the first thing heard from each side was "They started it because they're racist!" That has to be the worst excuse ever used and extremely sad to be hearing.

Personally, I believe this needs to stop. People need to own up to their own behaviors and stop with this "racism" nonsense. It doesn't matter if you are white, black, hispanic, asian, jewish, or any other nationality. If you don't want to be stereotyped and treated poorly and having to defend your actions, don't do negative things in life. Don't steal, cheat, disrespect neighbors, have multiple children by age 21, do constant drugs or heavily drink, don't fight with others of other nationalities and races then blame them for your actions. Common sense could easily solve a lot of the problems here.

Also, I do completely COMPLETELY understand that years and years ago there was segregation and slavery. I completely understand that there are ancestors that suffered in other ancestors hands. But it is now 2014, your disregard for your fellow man because of their skin color has nothing to do with what happened to your ancestors. Your decision to call someone "fat white bitch" has nothing to do with your ancestors being slaves. Your decision to become white trash has nothing to do with how you were raised. Your decisions and choices are yours and yours alone, stop putting the blame on someone else (someone who more than likely is no longer alive) just to hide behind them while you continue to hurt and humiliate others. Stand up, be proud of who you are. Be proud of who is around you, and be proud to be a true parent. Teach your child that color doesn't matter, that everyone is equal, and be the bigger person!

Racism allowed?

When is it alright to use racial slurs?

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