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Review of the Ambient Weather WS-1171 Wireless Weather Station

Updated on February 21, 2013

Ambient WS-1171 Review

The main reason that I picked the Ambient WS-1171 was price, it offered everything that I was looking for at a price of less than forty dollars. Combined with the fact that it was by far the most popular home weather station on Amazon and that it had lots of good reviews and it seemed like an obvious choice. This is my review of my experiences.

My WS-1171 arrived from Amazon in about a week and setup proved to be a breeze. It is quite literally a matter of taking it out of the box putting in some batteries and placing the unit and the sensors where you want them, I had mine up and running in about ten minutes. It was at this point that I encountered my first problem, in order to get the station to work properly you have to enter your time zone and the date and it was not at all clear how to go about doing this. The manual proved to be no help and is in fact basically useless so I had to spend some time trying to figure it out by trial and error. Eventually I got it all sorted out and have had no other issues since.

The accuracy of my Ambient WS-1171 has been decent but not great, it is about what you would expect from a thirty dollar weather station. Unlike top of the line stations there is nothing to adjust in order to improve accuracy, it is fairly accurate right out of the box and this is what you will get from your station. In general I found temperature and pressure readings to be pretty good but humidity tends to be bit more hit and miss.

So far I have to say that I quite like my weather station although I do sometimes wish that I had spent a little bit more to station that has a few more features. In particular there are times that I really wish I had a wind gauge and a rain gauge. A home weather station that provides these would have cost more than a hundred dollars so it would have cost quite a bit more, for me it would have been worth it, the same is probably not true for a lot of people.

Other than some issues with features that I wish I had there is nothing negative I can say about the Ambient Weather WS-1171. It is a good quality weather station that does the job very well for the price that you pay for it. In fact I would say that it probably represents the best value for the money that you are likely to find. If you are looking for a good but basic weather station this is definitely the one to get.


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