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Rich Mentality V/S Poor Mentality

Updated on July 22, 2020
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I am a learning enthusiast and very passionate about learning new technologies.

A Wealthy Man - A Rich Mentality
A Wealthy Man - A Rich Mentality | Source

Let us discuss 8 points of distinction between a rich and a poor mentality. This is a checklist to guide you for becoming the best version of you.

  • Poor people or people with poor mentality watch television. On the other hand, rich people are more into reading books. There is a huge difference between these two. But, many people take this very lightly when I say this. This makes a very high impact on your life. When you read books, you just won't be reading books, you in fact will be reading ideas from rich people. Those ideas have come from those people who have made big differences in their lives. So, you must start reading the correct book, not just fiction, but something that shares amazing ideas with you and inculcates that mindset in you which you require to make it big in life.

Read Books - A Rich Mentality
Read Books - A Rich Mentality
  • The poor people are generally trying to slog themselves, trying to put in a lot of time, trying to make money out of putting time. But, on the other hand, rich people are generally working towards making greater results every single day. Just imagine, taking the Taj Mahal as an example. If today we know the Taj Mahal, then perhaps we know it by the name of Shah Jahan. Nobody knows the names of those people who have worked day and night and have put in loads of efforts to build that monument. Nobody even cares. Right? So, it does not matter how hardworking you are at the end of the day. If your creation is worthwhile or if it adds values in the life of people or if it creates a lifelong memory for you, then that is when you get paid the most. Rewards can be in terms of money or they can be in terms of respect that you get. It can be in terms of anything that you value in your life. You should know what you value the most in your life. Nobody can tell you that. So, we do not know the people who build a building by picking every brick and who have worked day and night by putting lots of efforts to build it, which we see here and there daily or which we praise, but then we know the builder who builds it. We know the DLF!

  • The very important one! The poor mentality is a very big issue because they generally blame others for their failure. When was the last time you blamed yourself or something wrong that happened to you or something wrong that you did on your own? It's not important if you made that mistake on your own or not. The point is that whatever is happening, is happening in your life. It is creating a difference in your life. So, anything bad that is going is happening with you. You take the responsibility to change that. If you keep blaming others, you can never rise from the ashes of your own body.

  • This one I bet everybody might come across a thousand times. It is a poor mentality to say “I know everything”. Such people always say that they know everything, they know what is going to happen, they challenge you. They are very strongly opinionated. They have opinions about every single thing on this planet. Opinions about you, themselves, parents and the list continues. On the other hand, the rich people's mentality says that if you remain humble or stay grounded, you are always hungry to learn more. That is when you actually grow, grow, and grow, beyond even your own imagination. If you believe you don't know much, that is when you start to grow.

Gossiping - A Poor Mentality
Gossiping - A Poor Mentality
  • This one is my favorite. You can easily associate with your normal life. Poor mentality people always talk about people. They always have some gossip to share with you. They enjoy it the most. If you have a rich mentality, then you talk about ideas. The new ways to pull yourself up from wherever you are in your life right now and take yourself to another level. You always talk about ideas. And, most of them are going to fail! And that's okay. The ideas are not always going to work, But, you must talk about the ideas.

  • People with poor mentality believe in instant gratification. It's wrong to use the word “believe”. They will not even know that they think in this way. They don't believe in it. They are just living by it. They are just living in that way, getting money paid for whatever you do right now. It's like a lottery mentality or looking for shortcuts. Do the work today, then get paid for it today itself. Do the work today and get the money paid or get a salary within that month. This is called instant gratification; here you just don't wait for your business to flourish well. You need to wait for that and invest your time, money, and devotion before you start getting results. But, if you have a rich mentality, then, you are ready to wait. You are action-oriented, effort oriented. And put efforts in the right direction.

  • Another important one, where I see a huge difference between a rich mentality and a poor mentality. A poor mentality clings on to their comfort zone way too much. They are absolutely not open to change. Nobody is scared of change. Everybody worries if things change around them. If you get a new job or a new place for your job or a new job that you start on your own, there will be a change which is not that acceptable. There is always a human resistance that you feel inside of you. But, if you have a poor mentality, check, are you clinging on to your comfort zone? Because, people who have made big in their lives, they have made it big because they have stepped out of their comfort zone. So, you will have to make yourself uncomfortable and start changing yourself.

Spend Lavishly - A Poor Mentality
Spend Lavishly - A Poor Mentality
  • A habit which actually makes a distinction between rich and poor mentality. Poor mentality people spend more than saving. Actually, they don't save anything at all. On the other hand, a rich mentality is about investing money properly. First, you save, and then you invest that money in whatever funds, stocks, whichever way you find your money well invested. That is up to you. Let's take the example of a person who has a job. He won't be able to make much growth in 4-5 years. There won't be much difference in their lifestyle because of installments. We earn 30,000 rupees and spend 50,000 rupees. How? Credit card! Loans! And it's very common that credit card agencies and banks always target a person who has a job. Who even tries to call Warren Buffet and ask him to buy a credit card?!! Nobody does that! Why? It's because they know that common people like us don't have money but have a lot of passion to buy those things. So, my suggestion is to start saving money rather than spending on things which you don't even need right now.

Invest Money - A Rich Mentality
Invest Money - A Rich Mentality
Save Money - A Rich Mentality
Save Money - A Rich Mentality

So, the checklist is done! Just check in which category you fall into. Within a Rich mentality bracket? Or a poor mentality bracket?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Pavitra H


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