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Road Making Steps in a Simple Way

Updated on January 19, 2015


The first step is starts with analysis that how many traffic will travel on this road. Roads are very delicate part of everyday life so construction company has to make it sure that they are built with absolute strength and management so that people can depend on them for as long as they can.

There are many ways rods can be built, most of the modern road manufacturing techniques involve machinery and that is the revolutionary change that has come in modern road manufacturing.

In past there was no concept of concert road manufacturing but now a days roads are built with concrete strength with very good precision and management and all this is achieved with the help of computer revolutionized industry.

Today engineers are very keen in describing their intention to build the roads with all the good will and justice and that is very good and profound way of dealing with these things in passionate manner.

I love to watch road as they are built form scratch this makes me feel happy all the time. Planning is the most essential part of road making step and this is done with lot of precision and precaution.

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Today engineer use the computers to take help in lot of matters and this makes their job lot of easy in lot of different ways.

With the help of modern computers you can design things with lot of presiding and planning which is impassive in the old days and this is most revolutionized part about it.

This set is done by government authorities. They make detailed plans after consultation with many departments. This process takes lot of time and when it is done than the authorities move to next step. After analyzing the data engineers start their work and environmentalists, art chests, soil scientists determine how road will be built.

Lot of things has to be taken in account before start doing the work because roads can disturb lot of things in lots of manners and we have to keep these things in mind. So all the concerned departments are asked about the particular road manufacturing project in detail and if someone has any reservation than these are discussed in detail and after getting the thumbs up from all the departments then the final plan in charted out in detail and things are set in motion.


Road is made up of:



Coal Tar


Planning is the most crucial phase of the road contusion project and this is very bad for all those who have houses in the line of construction and government has to be talking with them to discuss the possible way of making and Turing things around.

There are certain issues that have to be monitored by government authorities like how we will unfit this project and how we will acquire the rout that is need to build the road. Lot of politics is also involved in this thing.

Most people try to make lot of political majority cause out this and this can be very good or bad depending on the majority people thing. Government authorities fund theses type of development projects by taxes. This includes the toll tax paid by the drivers in the respective state.



This is the difficult part of this road building process because it can take lot of time. A survey is done by different engineers.

Lot of things have to take in account the way things will look in the general public once they are done and the ultimate result that may come from these things is very good or bad depending the quality of people involved in this thing in different matters.

Just example, we have to look for the possible flyovers that are being constructed if we can avoid a flyover than it is the best option but if we cannot then we have to look for the possible way of handling the flyover, this flyover must not crossover majority of the properties that are coming in the undertone of this thing.

People that re connected to this thing takes their job seriously and there is nothing they can do to make it any better for us. Lot of things have to considered in this phase of the constriction such as the soil properties in different regions and if we are not better in this phase then can face lot of damage in the coming days from lot of different things in lot of different ways and we have to be sure that all we are doing is in the perfect in every way possible. Local drainage system has to be kept in mind because this can disturb lot

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Local drainage system has to be kept in mind because this can disturb lot of things immediately and we have to be rock solid on these matter because these things will not able to resolve later if we found anything spooky about them in any way.

Local traffic volume is very important because it can trigger many alarms when we will not consider it in the long run. We have to account for the usage of the road that we are building because if we will not look into it then we can lot of challenges in the near future.

Roads have to tested for their durability in the state of the art technological ways if we are not sure about the durability of these things that we are building then it isn't professional and government will lose of decent taxpayer money so construction manage has to be very careful in these matters. Environmental effects have also to be taken into the account in detail.



The last phase of the plan is to construct the road and this requires lot of man power and management. This is very important phase of the road construction, if we are lacking in any way then this will setback all the things that we are working on in different ways.

This is the phase that is considered final in every way and this has to be done with absolute precision. Firstly some space is created for the sand and small rocks. Now roller is brought to plane certain bumpy things.

Soil is very different in different places and this has to be kept in mind before doing anything out on the road. Bulldozers are highly used on this phase of the construction to plane different bumpy rocky and sand dunes. Now certain machines are used to create fresh layer of coal tar and cake to be sprayed on the road.

Now roller is rolled for the final time to make things right for the last time. Now road has to be checked for lot of things and this includes durability and tensile strength. Things have to be perfect for every way so we should not face anything in the later hours.

This video will teach you different road making technologies

in the later hours. Construction is managed by different construction companies so that lot of bidding is done before getting the required contract from the government agency.

Construction is the most final and crucial phase for the road construction process, if things are not carefully considered in this step then lot of damage will be done on the overall durability of the road project. All the hard work that has been done in the initial stages will be for the nothing if things go wrong in this step.

Road manufacturing is very complex and crucial process and is handled by professionals. I hope that with this article you would have learned the extensive process of the road manufacturing in detail.

You can get lot of other information from the road making manuals that are available libraries or you can sue internet for more searching detail and this will increase you knowledge a lot. If you have any questions then you can ask them in the comments section below.


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