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Role of Good Students in Society’s Development

Updated on January 14, 2013

In a society, there are different kinds of people. Everybody plays their role for the betterment of the society. But not all kinds of people can keep the same amount of contribution for developing the society. Somebody has to play the leading role. Good students of a society exactly do that. In a nutshell, good students are the core assets behind the development of a society.

By good students, you not only mean those who get an "A" in all of their school or college exams. Yes, education is a very important part for the betterment of development process in case of a student. But it is not everything. You will find students who get good grades by simply copying or cheating. That’s not the quality of a good student. You will have to be good in every aspect if you want to fulfill the expectations of the society’s people.

Here we will discuss how the good students can play crucial role in developing the society.

They Can Be Good Leaders

Real good students possess all the qualities of a great leader. Here, you need to be sure about something. Many people have a misconception that by great leader means something like presidency or anything similar to it. But it is not so. A person can be a leader in any department of a society. All you need is to make the others follow you in good deeds. Then you will be able to make people work in the right direction which will lead to the development of the society.

They Can Help The People

With good students, you can always expect to get great help from, no matter which type of people they are. They look to help the people those who cannot help themselves. There are many people who become burden of the society due to their incompetency. The good students try their level best so that these people can become asset of the society. When they are able to do so for a longer period, the society is greatly benefited.

They Can Be The Icons

In any walk of life, you get the inspiration to do well if there is an icon in front of you. Good students can easily set the tone in this case. They can impress you with all their qualities and can easily be your icons. You can dream to become like your icon and ultimately if you can do any good to yourself by doing so, it will be hugely beneficial for you. Same thing applies for the society.

They Can Enlighten The Society

When a society is filled with darkness, it becomes impossible to make progress. Because there remains no hope at that particular point. At that point, the good students can make the whole difference. They can enlighten the whole society through their work. They can make the people understand about the enlighten side of the life. With this, people can find new hope in their lives and get forward to get the best of life.

They Can Be The Best Citizens Of Society

The term “best” has always a great significance of its own. It is also true for the citizens of a society. There are different kinds of citizens in a society. But if you talk about the best ones, then the good students will get the priority. It is because they are the true leaders for all the people of the society. They can offer the best citizen service in a society. Their knowledge as well as personality enables them to do so. They can fulfill all their duties as an ideal citizen which makes the prosperity of the society very easy.

There are also other roles that the students can play for the betterment of the society. But these are the major ones. So if you want to evaluate a society’s success in case of development, just count the number of good students and you will find out the real picture.


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