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Next Generation Effect - Watch....

Updated on February 19, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Logo World Standards Day.
Logo World Standards Day.

Watch for your next Generation Effects.

Standards in Daily Life.

In India we mostly do not bother about Standards.We are mostly cost minded and not quality or Standards.Even though we have a huge organization all over the country the standards that they have developed are not followed mostly by many manufacturers.We have unlimited manufacturers in very important home accessory such as Electrical items.Pad Locks,Paint,Varnish,Bucket,Brushes,Oil Pressure Stoves,Emergency Lights,Spoons,Pressure Cooker,Glass Globes for Hurricane Lanterns,Shoe Polish,Screw Driver,Steel Hammer,Garden Tools,Ready to Eat Food Items,Masala Powders,Cooking Oils,Toilet Soap,Paper Cups,Paper Napkins,Paper Plates,TV Sets,Car Radios,DVD Players,Telephones,Silver and Gold Jewelery,Cotton Fabrics for Bed Sheets and Towels,Toilet Cleaning Liquids,Bath Room Fittings,Note Books and Geometry Boxes for School Children and thousand items in Utensils.

Most of the People look for Branded Products even if its Fake they do not bother or do not know it is Fake.

The worst is the Food items sold as Ready to Eat.Indeed its ready to Eat cooked right on foot path,what do you want Veg or Non Veg.Pure Egg Preparations of so many varieties all on foot path,the left overs thrown on the foot path.All young boys from rural areas migrated to city and staying in slums.They are the Vote Banks for the politicians.They are untouchables by any authority be it the Pot Bellied Police or corrupt health officials.

Development of Standards are taught in no Schools or colleges,they do not have even the syllabus even in Technical Colleges.Standard Text Books on Standards is not on the shelf's of many Book Stores.

What are Standards.Why are Standards used.Which organizations are Developing Standards.The process of standards development.These are unknown to schools and even colleges.

Bureau of Indian Standards (Govt of India), responsible for Standards do not have a Syllabus Developed for teaching our future children even in a School.

World Standards Day was celebrated,many intellectuals delivered highly informative lectures,all delegates were given Big Kits and a Grand Buffet Lunch followed with many Deserts were the highlights of the day and all left home to attend another World Conference Day.


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