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Homework and other Classroom News

Updated on April 3, 2011

Accelerated Reader Website

Dear Parents/Students,

Here are the class websites: 

Accelerated Reader :

The Math Website is:

The language arts website is :

Welcome to HUB 327

Dear Parents,

I want to welcome each and every one of you and your children to the 6th grade experience here at Tierra Bonita. It was a pleasure to meet those of you who came to the door and equally a pleasure to have your child in my class today.

The first day was the only day that I could speak to you at the door or during class. Class attendance and other activities begin at 8:00 a.m. sharp and students will be marked tardy after this time. Please see that your child arrives at 7:35 for breakfast or 7:45 to enter the gate near the cafeteria. Students on campus must go directly to class.

I had a wonderful summer and I hope that you and your child did as well! I am confident that we will have a good year.

I know you will have many questions and I hope that I can answer them on Back-to-School Night. Some items of immediate importance to you are listed below:

School Supplies Needed

3 - ring notebook



10 sheet dividers

dry erase markers

scotch tape

crayons or colored pencils

box of tissues

pencil sharpener

3 red ink pens

Three (3) 70 or 80 –page spiral notebooks

Mrs. Holmes‘ email

Class Website:

(On this website you can get the latest updates on what’s going on in class, homework assignments and tests, projects, news, and some of the quizzes.)

Week 4 Spelling List Sept 7-10

Science Vocabulary               History Vocabulary

1.  meander                          9.  domesticate

2.  deposition                        10. revolution

3.  delta                                 11. surplus

4.  sediment                           12. economy

5.  alluvial fan                         13. civilization

6.  weathering                         14. resource

7.  erosion

8.  tributary

Spelling Rule Words  Prefixes and Base Words

15.  research

16.  recondition

17.  refuel

18.  resurface

19.  discourage

20.  disability

21.  disadvantage

22.  disregard

23.  prearrange

24.  disregard

25.  disability

Math/Vocabulary Homework September 13, 2010

Complete the worksheet in lesson 2-2 in both the Skills Practice Workbook and the Intervention Workbook. Comparing and Ordering Integers.

Spelling ABC Order and Break words into syllables.

September 13, 2010 Words

Science Vocabulary               History Vocabulary

1.  glacier                         9.  migration

2.  sea stack                     10. adapt

3.  cliff                             11. social classes

4.  barrier island              12. established religion

5.  headland                      13. hieroglyph

6.  sandbar                        14. architecture

7. seacave

8.  spit

Spelling Rule Words  Prefixes and Base Words

22.  conspire

23.  insist

24.  consist

25.  construct

  15.  detain                      

16. retain

17. inflict

18.  conflict

19.  incision

20.  decision

21.  inspire

Week of September 20-24



1. convection                                        16.  scribe

2. current                                              17.  law codes

3. fault                                                  18. kingship

4. fossil                                                 19. technology

5. magma                                             20.  cuneiform

6. plate boundary                                 21.  cultural borrowing

7. sea-floor spreading                          22.  pictographs

8. strata                                                23. conquest

9. subduction                                       24. barbarians

10. tectonic plates                               Math Vocabulary

Social Studies                                      25.  constant

Vocabulary                                          26.  equation

11. fertile                                             27.  factor

12. irrigation                                        28.  integer

13. population                                     29.  greater than

14. barter                                            30.  less than

15. polytheism

This week's language arts lessons will focus on idioms and expressions.  We will identify idioms like:

   Idiom                                                                      Example                                           

all thumbs                          He was all thumbs when it came to delicate matters.

as light as a feather           The hand truck made the load seem as light as a feather.

bark up the wrong tree       He barked up the wrong tree when he bullied Bob.

drop the ball                       She dropped the ball when she didn't do her part of the project.

fly off the handle                He really flies off the handle when he gets angry.

get cold feet                       The bride got cold feet and ran away before the wedding.

green with envy                  Marc was green with envy when Billy got so many presents.

hit the nail on the head       You really hit the nail on the head with your solution.

open up a can of worms     His question just opened up a can of worms we had to deal with.

put on one's thinking cap    We had to put on our thinking caps to solve the new problem.

Math Help


       -5       -4       -3      -2       -1       0       1        2         3         4          5      

Least value on the left.                                         Greater value as you go right.

All negative numbers are less than zero and they lose value as they appear bigger.

                     -9 < -6         0 > -100  because it's better to have 0 than owe 100.

Negative numbers show a loss or a need, so the bigger the digit, the bigger the need or loss.

Example:  Jared is on the 40 yard line.  He goes back to the 35 yard line to make a forward pass, but is tackled (sacked) before he releases the ball.  He has a loss of 5 yards or -5.

40 + -5 = 35.       The same as 40 - 5.  He went backwards and lost 5 of his 40 yards.


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    • Hall History profile image

      Hall History 7 years ago


      Students have taken their Math Placement Test and will bring home a copy to be signed and returned for their portfolios. This will help to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses of your child in Math.

      We will begin the regular homework schedule this week. M-Thursday will be Spelling and Vocabulary.

      Monday--Alphabetize and Make Syllables of selected terms

      Tuesday--Find the Definitions of the Terms

      Wednesday--Create sentences using the words---Bonus for multiple words in

      one sentence.

      Thursday---Create Flash Cards for bonus credit or Write Words 10x each or make


      On Fridays, we will have spelling and/or vocabulary test.

      We will have daily Math Practice Monday thru Thursday for homework as well.

      Our first project will be a Model of the Planet Earth's Structure. Details will be coming soon.

      I CAN BE REACHED AT 466-3794