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Rosetta Stone Review: Why I Chose Rosetta Stone

Updated on May 20, 2012

Rosetta Stone

Last year I had to go to France for a business trip which caused a bit of a panic since I didn't know how to speak French. Since I had a couple of month's notice that I was going I had time to at least pick up the basics. In order to do this I used the Rosetta Stone language program. This is my review of the program so that other people can use my experiences to help decide if it is right for them.

The main reason that I choose Rosetta Stone was that I needed to learn how to speak French quickly. I was going to be travelling to France in a matter of a couple of months and I needed to be able to communicate when I got there. I saw the ads for Rosetta Stone claiming that they could teach you how to learn a new language in a few weeks. This sounded like exactly what I needed so I did a little bit more research.

As I started doing my research into Rosetta Stone it became obvious that there are a lot of different opinions on the subject of how well it works. The main reason for this seems to be the fact that it has somewhat limited goals. It will not make you fluent at a language and it does not claim that it will. What they do claim that their program will do is to help you to pick up the basics in a very short period of time. Since this was what I was looking for I decided that Rosetta Stone would be the best option for my needs.

One of the other things that encouraged me to choose Rosetta Stone to learn French was that it is much more interactive than most other language training programs. I had tried using a free online lesson and found that it didn't work at all for me; I clearly needed something that provided more interaction. All of the reviews that I read talked about this aspect of the program so that helped to make up my mind.

I choose Rosetta Stone largely based on the reviews I read online and I am glad that I did. Obviously I am not in a position to compare it to other language programs since I have only tried the one but I will say that I am very happy with the program. It did exactly what it said that it would.


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