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Updated on August 4, 2013

Legal cases are always complicated in any part of the globe. They would consume your valuable time and would stress you physically, mentally and emotionally. The best thing you can do to get rid of this problem, is by hiring a qualified and experienced solicitor. An intelligent solicitor has all the ways to solve legal issues.

It is necessary to find the solicitor that has experience in the type of case you are dealing. There are many reputed solicitors available in the UK markets, who are expert in clearing legal mess. However, you need to find the best among them. There are many categories in legal system, where you would have to find best person for the specific category. Previously, one lawyer used to handle all the cases, but with so many immigration laws, it is difficult for one solicitor to expertise all the categories. Additionally, the solicitor can earn huge amount even after working for one category.

Tips for Selecting the best Solicitor

It is very difficult to select a professional solicitor because majority of the legal cases are complex. I am listing points that can help you to get the best person for the job.

  • Identify the Field- Initially, you would have to identify the category of the legal problem. This would help you to determine the best solicitor for the job. It is certain that divorce lawyer cannot help you in tackling commercial cases. It would be nice for a divorce lawyer to suggest you the best business lawyer in the market. You need to be aware and educated client. You must consult several lawyers, before finalizing a particular individual. You must buy time to research on the best lawyers and try to extract maximum information among them. Secondly, the bar association would provide information on the entire solicitor in the market. Additionally, you must examine the reviews and testimonials provided by the previous client. Your primary motive must be to hire a lawyer, who has history of winning court trial. Additionally, they must be active in legal system.

  • Actively solicit you- You must try to stay away from lawyers who want to solicit from you. Solicitation is strictly unethical and hence majority of the state bars around the world, have passed strict laws against it. You can imagine the professionalism of the solicitor who is trying to perform unethical activity to attract the buyers. Secondly, never directly trust advertisements, TV and radio, who are promoting a particular lawyer. The advertisements are paid, and majority of advertisements are of solicitors who are struggling to find a buyer.

  • Likable People- It is the tendency of human nature to attract to likable people. This is not the preferred route during the solicitation process. The lawyer way of talking or the personality does not guarantee the winning attitude. There are many lawyers who have great presenting skills and way of talking, but they do not have proven history to demonstrate their skills. Many people trust this likable people, only to find failure in future. There is no magic wand for solving any legal case. Hence, you must stay away from such lawyers, who have only false promises to convince you. There are strong chances that your expectation would be broken, if you choose people only on their presentation skills.

Comfortable- You must be comfortable with person with whom you are going to work in the future. The lawyer must be an individual, who is comfortable to work with and is confident about the legal skills. Additionally, the lawyer must be an active listener which listens to your queries and respond well. The lawyer must have a personal attachment for your case. Secondly, the lawyer must be able to explain you the legal concept behind your case. A professional solicitor would always work hard for your case and perform all the activities required, in timely and professional behavior.

If you work on the above points, you would find a trusty and qualified solicitor. This can be a huge benefit for you during the court hearing. You can save a great amount of time and money, if you can follow the above procedures. Additionally, you would be relieved from emotional and physical stress.


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