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Updated on February 21, 2009



Among shipwrecks MARY ROSE is of interest more due to the information made available than due to any treasure. MARY ROSE was an English war ship built during the time of King Henry VIII and named after his youngest sister. In 1545 it sank off he coast of England, which some believe was caused by French cannon fire. It was only in 1971 the shipwreck was discovered and it took nearly 11 years before it was raised to the surface. Much of the artifacts raised were of archaeological value and was a treasure trove of information on ship design. The MARY ROSE TRUST intends to build a £35 million new museum in Portsmouth’s dockyard


Another shipwreck was also a warship.  HMS SUSSEX was an 80 gun English warship built during the rein  of William and Mary (1689-1702).It was sent in 1694 to aid the English ally Duke of Savoy. It had a crew of 500 men and some valuable treasures. The ship was Admiral Sir Francis Wheelers flagship escorting 40 warships and 166 merchant ship..  But in the straits of Gibraltar, a severe storm lashed the ship and it sank in those turbulent waters. Many believe that contained gold and silver coins valued at four billion dollars. Excepting two all the crew perished including Admiral Francis Wheelers whose body was washed ashore a few days later.


In 1865, just after the American civil war the ship REPUBLIC sailed out of New York heading towards New Orleans.  As it approached Georgia, the ship battered by hurricane sank with all its 59 passengers and cargo. The ship was reported to have coins worth $ 150 million.


Another shipwreck was that of ship which sank in 1942 during the Second World War. The ship code named ‘Blue baron’ was heading towards New York from South America. But it was intercepted by A German submarine and torpedoed. The ship contained a literal treasure trove, and carried nearly 70 tons  of platinum , about 10 tons of gold bullion 16million carats of diamonds and about half a ton of industrial diamonds.  One can very well understand why the actual name of the ship or its co-ordinates made available.






Mary Rose architecture
Mary Rose architecture
Mary Rose
Mary Rose
HMS Sussex
HMS Sussex
Blue Baron shipwreck
Blue Baron shipwreck
Gold coins found in Blue Baron shipwreck
Gold coins found in Blue Baron shipwreck
Mary Rose
Mary Rose


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  • ram_m profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from India

    Thank you for your useful feedback. Your link to the Cyclops mystery is also great. Apart from the mythical cyclops I was not aware of the ship. Thank you.

  • GeneriqueMedia profile image


    9 years ago from Earth

    WAY cool Hub!

    However, I'm not inclined to rate it up (but I won't rate it down!) and this is why:

    I recommend posting pictures (if you can) of the ship wrecks by the text! Makes things really mesh well. =)

    And maybe a vid?

    Just some thoughts! You've really hit on a good topic here, and I'd love to see it look even BETTER!




    Ever heard of the Cyclops? This was a weird one, indeed!


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