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Some Interesting Facts About Universe

Updated on February 12, 2011

Astronomy is very interesting and mysterious part of science. Most of the studies of this subject are about celestial bodies that have been set apart in very long distances, which could not be easily understood and imagined by human beings, by the Super Nature.There are many theories in the science of astronomy. Big Bang theory is one of them which tells how the Universe came to form.

Once all the matters including our sun, planets and other billions and billions of solar systems and energy of the observable Universe were concentrated in one point of infinite density. According to Big Bang theory the Universe expanded from that extremely dense and hot state and continues to expand today. It is also understood that space it self is expanding with its galaxies.

In Astronomy, the Universe is defined as every thing that physically exists. It includes galaxies, billions of solar systems and stars. Still there are many mysterious things existing in our solar system. But our solar system is a tiny thing when we compare it with the bigness of the Universe. Astronomers are saying that Universe is about 13.8 billion years old and at least 93 billion light years across. 1 light year means the distance that travelled by the light continuously for the time period of one year. The light travels in the space at a speed of 3 lacs km/second. We can't even imagine the distance that travelled by the light continuously for one year. Could you imagine the distance between the ends of Universe ?

After the Big Bang, the Universe started to expand to its present form. According to general science physical matter can not exceed the speed of light. But in the Big Bang theory it is stated that two galaxies have been separated by 93 billion light years in 13 billion years. However, the separation is a natural consequence of general relativity by which it is understood that space can grow with no intrinsic limit on its rate; thus, two galaxies can separate more quickly than the speed of light if the space between them grows.

The Great Universe is made of many millions of Galaxies. Galaxies are groups of billions of stars that are held together by the force of gravity. Most of the galaxies are either spiral or elliptical and some of them also in irregular shape.

The Milky Way, The Large Megallanic Cloud, Abell 2029, The Sagittarius Dwarf, Andromeda, Abell 135 IR 1916 are some of the galaxies of the Universe.

The Milky Way

This is our own galaxy in which our solar system exists. The word galaxy means milk in Greek language. Before the use of astronomical telescopes the galaxies looked like a milky or cloudy area in the sky and called so. Our relatively small solar system is one of 100 - 200 billion stars. The diameter of the Milky Way is 1 lac light years. The sun and all the planets in our solar system take about 200 million years to complete one orbit around its centre.

The Large Megallinic Cloud

This is the brightest of all galaxies and visible only in southern hemisphere. It is about 1.7 lacs light years away from our earth and its diameter is 39,000 light years.

Abell 2029

This is the largest galaxy of the Universe with the dia of 5.6 million ligt years which is 80 times greater than our own Miky Way Galaxy. It is about 1,070 million ligt years away from our earth.

The Sagittarius Dwarf

It was discovered in 1994 and the nearest of all galaxies. It is about 70,000 light years away from our earth.

Andromeda Galaxy

This is the most distant in the Universe that can be seen with naked eye. This is 2,309,000 light years from earth. It has about 300 billion stars and diameter of 180,000 ligt years. The light we see now from Anderomeda left there just after the first humans appeared on our earth.

Abell 135 IR 1916

This is the most distant galaxy of our universe. It is amazingly 13.2 billion light years from the earth. In 2004 astronomers at the European Southern Observatory announced the discovery of this Galaxy.

The Universe Calendar

After the Big Bang there were many astronomical and earth events happened including birth and disaster of dinosaurs. All these things have happened in a huge period of time which could not be easily understood by the human brain. The American astronomer Carl Sagan ( 1934-96 ) first suggested a 'cosmic calendar' as a way of helping people understand the history of Universe. He put every event in to the scale of calendar of human year.

In that calendar our Milky Way forms on the first day of May and our earth appears on 12 th September and Moon on 13 th September. All human history is crowded into the last five minutes of the last day of the calendar. Recent time in this current world has to be divided into seconds and fraction of second of the Universe Claendar. So every thing that happened in the last 500 years takes place less than the last second of the last minute of the Universe Calendar. Let us watch the events of Universe Calendar.

Date / Time, Event

1 Jan ( mid-night ), Big Bang - Universe forms

15 March, First stars and galaxies form

1 May, Milky Way galaxy forms

8 Sep, Sun forms

9 Sep, Solar system forms

12 Sep, Earth forms

13 Sep, Moon forms

20 Sep, Earth atmoshere forms

1 Oct, Earliest known life on earth

7 Oct, Earliest known fossile

18 Dec, First many celled life forms

19 Dec, First fish

21 Dec, First land plants ; first insects

23 Dec, First reptiles

24 Dec, First Dinosaur

26 Dec, First mammal

27 Dec, First bird

28 Dec, First flowering plant

28 Dec, Dinosaurs extinct

31 Dec ( 11 : 55 PM ), Homo sapiens ( modern human ) appears



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  • Trsmd profile image

    Trsmd 8 years ago from India

    very good information about the Universe..

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear Trsmd, Thank you for your nice comments.

  • hubber-2009 profile image

    hubber-2009 8 years ago from India

    The universe likely did not exist at one time and eventually,in the future it will go out of existence.

  • jxb7076 profile image

    James Brown 8 years ago from United States of America

    Excellent HUB on universal matter in space. Thanks for sharing.

  • jxb7076 profile image

    James Brown 8 years ago from United States of America

    Excellent HUB on universal matter in space. Thanks for sharing.

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear jxb 7076, Thank you very much for your nice comments!

  • profile image

    manya 7 years ago

    awsom stuff, never knew that much

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    Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 7 years ago from Tumkur

    Good article with good pictures. It has nice links too.

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    ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear Jain, Thanks for visiting this hub and your nice comments.

  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

    thanks for great opinion about the universe. It open my eyes to learn deep about universe.

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear prasetio30, Thanks for coming here and happy to know that you have got more interest on universe after reading this hub.

  • profile image

    gafar 7 years ago

    please my friend give me a few words about universe.

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear friend, Thanks for coming here and your interest on Astronomy. Universe is such a great thing as we can not easily feel how great it is. Even we can not imagine the distance between the Uranus and Sun where light covers in just 3 to 4 hrs. Then, How can we imagine a distance of 93 billion light years.

  • freddyjones2009 profile image

    freddyjones2009 7 years ago

    An interesting hub. Solid info. Thanks

  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

    Thanks for sharing this info. It's very interesting. The universe is so big that we do not know what is at the other side of the world.

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear Friends freddyjones2009 and KenWu , Thanks for visiting this Hub and putting your nice comments.

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    Marina 7 years ago

    It is very interesting.....SMILE

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    prakrit 7 years ago

    facts about the unreachable sucpense STILL DOUBTFUL

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    It is suprissing to hear about the origin of human existance

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    this is very useful and very interesting to know such facts.........

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    Scott Zuckerman 7 years ago

    The Universe is 95% controlled by what scientists refer to as Dark Matter.

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    MANOJ BHATT 6 years ago

    Interesting information and knowledge about the universe, I like its very much.this is very useful and very interesting to know such facts.

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    the truth 6 years ago

    so all the animals popped out of nothing

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    Abhishek 6 years ago

    About light

  • rafken profile image

    rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

    Very good hub. A joy to read. Only a few seconds into our life in the universe and we can already reach other planets in our solar system. Maybe their is hope for us to reach other stars.

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 6 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear rafken, Thanks for allotting your time for reading this hub and adding your valuable comments.

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    not at all facts .these are strange facts,and i dont think all could gather such facts

  • profile image

    Lweinberg 6 years ago

    Good hub, but Einstein said 'nothing can accelerate beyond the speed of light', which leaves it to imagine some things could travel at that speed or faster. It's hard to keep track of all the new theories- they come out every second. Some astronomers think the Theory of Relativity needs adjustment, and it probably does. Einstein was a genius not a god! Great Hub!

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    naren 6 years ago

    really useful facts and unimaginary

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