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SOUL - The Only way to ROll!

Updated on May 17, 2010
Connie Stewart, Intuitive
Connie Stewart, Intuitive

Soul Sister

I have loved the Soul since I was very young. Mind you, I wasn't exactly sure what a Soul was, but I knew it had something to do with death, as was taught in Catholic class.

Though I have always been much more spiritual than religious, I listened carefully when the Nuns declared that if a person, upon death, was not good enough to go to Heaven nor bad enough to go to Hell, they would be placed in a holding cell called purgatory. Purgatory, it seems, was a place of purging until the Soul was purified enough to ascend into Heaven.

All very well and good, I thought...but what if God forgot to call for your Soul? What if you remained in that gray and oh, so dismal jail-looking place forever? Oh, my!

It was at that time I began doing the only think I knew how to do...pray for the Souls of ALL those who had died before me. "Jesus, Mary, Joseph" (JMJ) was a short but powerful phrase that released one Soul at a time from purgatory into Heaven. I said hundreds upon hundreds of JMJ's a night - every night.

Forty years later as I sat with my beloved mentor, who insisted that I use my psychic gifts to heal at the Soul level (the only level where true healing can take place) I recalled my commitment to assisting Souls in my own way.

When I first went out into the world, I used the term Soul to offer my services. It's a small word for such a huge energy, but I loved the sound, as well as the feel of it as it rolled off my tongue.

Gradually, whether through the well meaning advice of others, or through my own lack of experience, I shifted from speaking of the Soul and began referencing "energy" and "vibration". I love both words and they do so beautifully describe my sources of healing. These words are a bit more mainstream and less off-putting to some.

But, I never stopped praying for, or thinking of the Soul - yours and mine. So, today, I am using my beloved term more and more. I have grown into my sacred work and through my love of Spirit and the generous help I receive from the invisible realm; I tap into the Soul every day.

The Soul is my food, my friend, the love that fuels me. Jesus, Mary, Joseph...

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