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SSLC & PUC Results 2010 - Check your Results Now!

Updated on May 10, 2010


So You Students Wrote your PUC and SSLC Exam and Waiting for the Results. Right?

I know that you are tensed about your result. But Shouldn't Worry about anything cos you will get the marks for what you've written during exam.

Follow the Link below to Check out Your Exam Results!

I wish you all Good Luck!!!

How to face Low Marks in Examination?

Here is the tip for you students who scored low marks in their PUC and SSLC Examination.

  • Get Yourself Confident that you can Score better marks in Re-Examination
  • Don't Hear Others at this time as their Words will pull you down
  • Talk to your close friends and share your thoughts with them to reduce stress
  • Try to Contact your Teacher and get info about why you scored low marks
  • If possible, Ask for Re-Evaluation of Marks,Cos Mistakes had been made while correction


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      RAJITHA 7 years ago


    • bezopravin profile image

      bezopravin 7 years ago from India

      Hi Radhika,

      Whats your Reg No?

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      radhika 7 years ago


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      vijai kumar 7 years ago

      timal social scienc scienc

    • bezopravin profile image

      bezopravin 7 years ago from India

      Result Checked - Pass!

      Follow this link to know your result.

    • profile image

      pradeep kumar 7 years ago

      CBS Check status of result