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Updated on August 24, 2009


The beginning of stained glass windows dates back in the early 1800's, the method came from makers of mosaics, and jewelry artistry, the church buildings began using stained glass in the 10th century.

And were found in England, France, Germany as attractive designs,stained Glass is formed with gas, liquid matter and solid properties, when glass is cooled to a form of liquid , it will glow when light flows through it, and create an amazing view to the human eye.

Cathedrals form Europe had awesome full length glass windows that were taller and wider to increase the amount of light that would flow through them; it was believe that beautiful objects in the stained glass would bring people souls closer to god.

Viewing a translucent colored stained glass made church goers feel that we were surrounded, by powerful gods. The designers were most interested in realistic and natural images, colored with dull and milky jewel; using colors like a type of brown enamel ,called grisaille bound the glass surface to define the features, not using the flowing light.

Stained glass evolved fashionable to residences and some public buildings, by the late 18th century; much of the medieval stained glass would be destroyed because it was considered to be old fashion and was replaced with just painted glass.

Some countries had glass studios that use gothic and medieval windows designed by the Bolton Brothers that were English immigrants that became the first stained glass studios in America.

John Lafarge and Louis Tiffany were 2 Americans that began experimenting with stained  glass but worked independently, and were soon to be competitors in the stained glass business, both were making stained glass windows for residential , and building, and churches.

Stained glass today is all around us and has risen to extraordinary transformation of pure light and colors, which has turn into a profitable art form, from stained glass lampshades, beveled stained glass hallways, and bath room windows, and are truley amazing as light shines through them.

So next time you happened to see a stained glass window take a closer look at it, and embellish in the fine history on what has turned into an artistry of stained glass.

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stained glass lampshade
stained glass lampshade





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