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Human Beings: Master Mental Magicians

Updated on October 15, 2010

Music Is The Secret We Must All Evolve Into!

Music Magic!
Music Magic!

Esoteric Psychology: MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Mind Creates Magick

A most revered (coveted) esoteric secret known to many but accepted by few is that you are in possession of everything you could possibly ever desire,(love, understanding, health, beauty, truth, contentment, happiness) crave, (sexual/stimulation gratification/fulfillment) (success, riches, material wealth), or dream of (contribution to mankind, notable fame, meaningful reputation, spiritual realization) to.

You carry within you at all times, the divine destiny of which you were born on this earth to carry out. The fact that you think you don’t have it (and, in no way even close to its materialization) so much so that you presume you must ASK for it, is the unmistakable identifiable clue in/of what you seek, you already possess.

IF it exists in the realm of your mind, you are capable of producing it. No ifs, ands, buts or questions! No matter what the specifications of the endeavoryou envision, You and You alone, have the power to manifest it. IF you can truly envision it, it exists for you, from you, because of you.

The question remains, “Why do you seek else where for that which you have found within?”

You may again inquire,” But I have not found it within, why do you say I have?”

Have you sought the depth of your entire being? Have you pondered the limitless boundaries within your gut? Have you smelled the engulfing aroma of your sacred divinity? Have you expressed the limits of you true sexual identity?

Have you ever played with the possibility that your sensual artistic world is an inside deal for real? You establish and maintain the palette upon which to paint your circumstances. Or do you believe your eyes which so easily betray and beset you?

Learning how to flow in various situations is the key to a restful artistic state of mind. Realizing that all is perfect and in order exactly as it should be for reasons we can't see makes for a joyful exuberant existence. That which is flowing, flows continuously without relent. Who are we to try to try to change horses in the middle of the stream?

You create the obstacles, along with the worry, concern, barriers, confusion and setbacks when you go in search of “IT” some where else from some one else. The difficulty you add to the surmounting problem of non-attainment is that you will not believe or receive this esoteric information as valid arcane scientific law (material) but as ‘Rin Tin Tin’ Hoop Lah.

Most people refuse to accept what is easy. They insist on working laboriously hard while complaining every step of the denied way. They want to think they had something to do with ”IT” or in some way prevented “IT” from happening, should that “IT” be undesirable.

The truth is: as a living breathing mortal, everything imaginable is for your benefit, uplifting joy and sexual gratifying pleasure. Nothing is off limits or untouchable should you desire “IT”.

How can that possibly be? I hear you resounding in the background. Aren’t there things out there not good for me? Do you know what they are? Do you still desire them?

Then, pretending you don’t want them does not do away with the ‘lust of desire’ which produces the effects.

Your desires (all of them are sacred ones.) And, furthermore, your personal desires involve far more acquisitive reasons for your acquiring them than which reside on the surface of your vain personality or that meets and fills your petty ego appetites.

Your ruthless soul is after fulfilling rewarding intriguing earth experience and will have “IT” expounded in reams of immeasurable glory barring any and all conditions you set up to prevent “IT” from doing so.

What I am saying, Loud and Clear, is that you are a walking celestial magician able to materialize any and everything YOU desire. {Key phrase: YOU DESIRE} Not someone else’s regurgitated refuse of dreams or for any other motive other than the deepest impassioned crystallized motive within you.

No cosmic love, dream, aspiration or incredulous success you envision will be kept from you. IMPOSSIBLE!

Because you resist that which is right before your eyes, you remain without. All that you will ever be, see, have, or want to do is established and maintained directly where you reside.

It’s all a matter of completely “BEING WHERE YOUR FEET ARE!” Some of you may inquire, but how can I be anywhere else? And I say: simple.

I dare venture further by driving this one point home: none of you are completely where your feet are placed this very minute.

If you are thinking about anything other than what you are reading, involved in any other mental activity other than what I am conveying to you this instant, allowing your mind to wander back to yesterday or venture into tomorrow, you are definitely NOT where you feet are.

Being where your feet are is no mindless task. It requires monumental energy and focus. An adept skilled masterful precise art and science is required in the ardent celestial process of observing you and your human feet. (Toes, included!)

It’s a matter of divine execution. Now here is the tricky part. You may ignorantly say that by observing you, it causes you to be too self involved. Wrong! It is impossible to be involved and observed at the same time.

The mere consecrated act alone prevents self-intoxication. You can not be identified with that which you are studying, otherwise your feedback is biased and infiltrated by tainted impressions.

Observation is a sacred high magical act of solemn detached obedience.

In other words, you are continually reminded to bring yourself back to exactly each fiery breath in the moment. You are not afforded to linger in the past nor propel yourself into the future. When you catch yourself wandering away, demand a return immediately.

So, do you or do you not want to create in/by actual materialization everything you’ve ever desired or ever will desire?

Or will you be like the fisherman who was granted three wishes but cast them aside in vain because he thought he was a cowboy? (There’s a vast difference between catching fish and steering cattle.}

Be Where Your Feet Are. (And, be who you are in those feet!) What is it YOU Desire more than anything else in the world that if you uttered it this moment would appear instantly in your life not to be removed as part of the foot package you indwell? Can you say?

Do you realize the consciousness expansion your life will take with all of the various interior altitudes when you make the decision to apply these life-enforcing principles?

You can not prevent [from your life] one single thing that will ever happen. Nor can you hold back the fortune you contain within.

The awesome words, “Be careful of what you wish for, you shall surely get it,” have never been more true and accurate. What is “IT” you want? IF for one second, you believed this message could be valid, what would you do with the potent information?

Jesus said “…IF ye have the faith of a mustard seed, ye can move mountains…”

Such a tiny grain of belief (to be pulled from within oneself) to perform the seemingly impossible, yes? Was he speaking hypothetically or magically? Who can say?

Unless you put his masterful words to the test, you’ll never know. “…Foxes have foxholes and birds have nests but the son of man hath no where to lay his head…” (Paraphrased) Was he ever without anything?

Did he not alter the state of consciousness in the world? Was he not able to pull everything from himself? “…Greater things will ye do, than I do…” (Paraphrased)

Pretty awesome prophecy, huh? He, like all singularly maintained sacred mortal beings before him moved, breathed and lived wherever the feet were planted.

Can you, will you, shall you oh! Divine magician do the same?


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