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Samrat Ashok to Modi a Journey of 2300 Years saw no Dynamic Hindu Ruler

Updated on December 12, 2017

Ashoka the Great

In 326 BC Alexander the Great came to India. He met Raja Purushottam( Porus) in a mortal combat on the banks of the river Hydespace, now known as the Jhelum. History records that Porus was able to prevail over Alexander and forced the Greek conqueror to go back, ceding vast lands to Raja Porus.

This was the foundation of a massive Empire the like of which was never seen in India. The men who followed founded what has come to be known as the Maurya Empire. Samrat Chandragupta seized power and defeated the Greeks. He conquered India but his rule was confined to North India and the Hindu Kush mountains. From the same dynasty emerged the greatest king India has known. He is called"Ashoka the great".

Ashoka emblem
Ashoka emblem
The Great Ashok
The Great Ashok

The Greatest Indian King

Ashok started on an expansion of his empire. The king-emperor waged war and conquered the entire sub-continent. The limits of his Empire reached far corners of Afghanistan and Assam. It was the biggest Empire ever in Indian history. The biggest battle which Ashok fought was in modern Orissa known as Kalinga. It is reported that over 100 thousand people were killed in this battle. The bloodshed shocked Ashok, who then became a pacifist and converted to Buddhism. Now we can realize that this was the last Hindu who would rule over the entire sub-continent. His pacifism is hard to appreciate, as he had killed 99 brothers to consolidate his rule. Never the less, he was the last non-Muslim ruler of the entire sub-continent.

The pacifism of Ashok brought about the downfall of the Maurya Empire. It also opened the floodgates to invaders from Central Asia. This was the beginning of the Islamic era in India. This lasted almost 1500 years and no Hindu King emerged who could rival the empire of an Ashok.However, Muslim rulers like Aurangzeb had empire similar in size to Ashok.

This state of affairs continued till the 18th century when the East India Company entered the arena. They quickly defeated the Muslims and consolidated their rule. They ruled India till 1947. This was also the period of Gandhi. But Gandhi was never a decision maker. He was a mere agitator with no real authority.

Post 1947 and Nehru

In 1947 one man emerged, who could have been a rival to Ashoka. He was Jawaharlal Nehru and unfortunately, he was not a man with the metal of Emperor Ashok. He brought in policies, which led India down the drain. His ills are so many that they are difficult to catalog here. Suffice to say that India has had a severe price to pay for having Nehru at the helm of affairs for almost 2 decades. Here was a much-loved leader, who in the ultimate analysis had feet of clay and a misguided view of History and Hinduism.

History Beckons Modi

When things reach their nadir, nature and history intervene. This also happened in India and in 2014 an RSS stalwart and son of a tea vendor rose like a phoenix. He led the BJP to a massive victory and like a steersman, held the wheel in his hand to right the sinking Indian ship. The Ills of the Gandhi-Nehru family are a limiting factor but here is a man who has the best of India in his heat. He has tried to bring Indian prestige up and change the convoluted secular policies of the Gandhi-Nehru family. The economy is looking up and a sense of pride permeates the country. Two years is a very short time but Modi has sowed the seeds and in case he lasts 2 decades, he may well rival Samrat s the greatest Hindu leader. The hour finds the man and one does think,that Modi maybe that man


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    • emge profile image

      Madan 13 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thank you Sunil. Nice of you to have commented

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 13 months ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      A good post giving the readers some notable features of the great leaders of India. You are right Modi is a powerful leader capable of leading the nation to growth and prosperity. Keep on writing. May I request you one thing that you have to resize the photos appended here as it is not clear. All the best.