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Samuel Adams as The Father of Liberty

Updated on January 25, 2018
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience. She holds degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

Anytime someone wants to create something huge, like a revolution, they would need billows to help the smoldering fire that is hiding to burst forth and burn with fury. They need more than a spark.

Look at the stage where this is all set. It is the colonies,,the English colonies.They were an extension of a growing empire. Yet they were worlds apart. More than an ocean separated the colonists from the Motherland. They had developed into two different cultures entirely. Those differences helped to lead up to the American Revolution.

When it came to the discontent that flamed the Revolution, Samuel Adams was the billows that changed the world. He lived in the midst of the grumbling. He walked among those who wanted something more. From firsthand experience, he could connect with the other colonists. His words helped flame the sparks of rebellion that lay hidden in the new land.


Trouble Brewing

This man found the perfect home for his abilities by living in the colonies in the mid-1700s. Discontent was brewing in various pockets throughout the colonies as everyone found themselves at odds with Britain. England was not exactly trying to keep good relations with the colonists. Taxes were being weighed on them for actions they felt were unjust. Whenever the Crown needed more funds, it taxed the colonies despite them not having a voice in the government. No representation meant their grievances were not heard. The New World was festering with anger and resentment as they felt used and treated as something less than members of a great empire. They wanted to be heard and found themselves ignored instead.

This discontent needed more oxygen to grow and expand. It was strong but not enough to explode into a successful rebellion. It would need good words with strong breath behind it to get it going and start the blaze. Then comes in a special man. With the right words and the right connections, Adams was able to help the discontent grow.


Strong in His Beliefs

Samuel Adams was a man who knew exactly how to bring forth those flames. He was not instigating war out of revenge or downright meanness. He was a man who firmly believed that the colonies needed to be independent of their motherland. He thought that the colonies would be better off on their own.

A talent of writing that can sway the masses is a rare gift. Samuel Adams had that gift. He wrote numerous pieces, few have survived, that kept the colonists aware of how they were being slighted. With the slights always in their face through Adams’ writings, the desire to part ways from England grew to a feverish pitch.


Familiar with Action

Along with such passionate writing, Adams helped gather delegates from all the colonies. He knew that writings would not do it alone. There needed to be an obvious united front of all the colonies. The only way to do this would be to get them all together. That alone took a minor miracle as there were many different personalities and opinions on the situation.

Adams suggested that the colonies meet to discuss their options and possible revolution in the eyes of some. He was able to word it where those for revolution and those against both felt it would benefit their cause. The others saw the value in this and gathered. This was a meeting that led to the First Continental Congress.

Remained Active

Samuel Adams served on the congresses and helped push the delegates to declaring independence. Yet, he did it with finesse. Adams was known by all, including those that opposed him, as a man of integrity and honor. He was not a man who tried to force a revolution. He was a man who laid out the facts and then waited on others to join him. He was also a man who was willing to lay out the facts multiple times until the opposition was on his side.

A way with words, patience, persistence, integrity made up the man that some have called The Father of Liberty. Thomas Jefferson officially holds that title, but many over the years have felt that Samuel Adams truly deserved that title as he was the one who opened the door to independence and helped the colonies unite.


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