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Save Our Planet Earth, Views of Two Aliens

Updated on October 30, 2013
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Happy Earth
Happy Earth | Source

Conversation of Two Aliens about How To Save Our Planet Earth

On the outskirts of a modern metro, there live two Aliens.

Living quietly on earth for a few hundred years, they are invisible to the humans. The senior alien is called Uncle Big Alien (Uncle BAAN for short) and the other one who is much junior to him is called Altu. Both are good travelers, observers and above all conversationalists.

Here is reproduction of one of their conversations.

Altu: Hello Uncle Baan! Where have you been lately?

Uncle Baan: Dear Altu, I was going around the world, checking out the latest technological innovations and the new gadgets being invented and produced for the mankind.

Modern Devices Tablets, Phones
Modern Devices Tablets, Phones | Source

Altu: So what did you discover?

Baan: Oh quite a lot!

There were a lot of modern gadgets of technology such as Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones.

These gadgets are capable of ultra fast computing, data storage on cloud, fastest communication and can run millions of applications on them such as Texting, instant transfer of data, photos and videos, navigation system much and much more. Now humans can do their work a lot faster, easily and better.

This will bring more comfort and raise the standard of living.

Altu: Really!

Has the quality of life improved?

Does an average person return home from work earlier?

Are the humans happier than their ancestors.. ?

Do they have more stress free life now?

Changes in Climate
Changes in Climate | Source

Concerns about the climatic changes and future of our earth

Uncle Baan: Technological advances are not always beneficial to Humans. In fact, they are harmful to the planet earth. Consider the impact of nuclear waste, emission of toxic gases, improper disposal of industrial waste and plastic bottles.

The consumerism makes the competing companies to quickly introduce new models with attractive features leading to discarding of the existing product in the hands of the consumer, much before it has completed its life of utility.

This means increase in more production using energy and other natural resources besides use of plastic. All this means depletion of essential non-renewable resources. The pollution is one of the reasons for acid rain, the depletion of the Ozone layer, vanishing forests, greenhouse effect, Collapsing Antarctic Ice, endangered animal and bird species and I can go on.

Save the Earth
Save the Earth | Source

That is why the mankind is witnessing unnatural changes in weather patterns leading to extreme weather conditions are possibly caused by heating or cooling of the earth and the accompanying rise and fall in sea levels.

Please recycle plastic and glass
Please recycle plastic and glass | Source
Save Trees, Save Forests
Save Trees, Save Forests | Source

Possible Solutions

Altu: That is so alarming. Who is to be blamed for this? Is there a solution?

Uncle Baan: I don’t think it is wise to point the finger towards any individual or group or society or country. Neither the blame can perhaps be shared making everyone responsible equally.

Take for instance, the enormous growth in consumption of bottled water. While the water is healthy, calorie less and keeps the humans hydrated, it is the non-recycling of the plastic which is minimal and there lies the problem.

Save Our Earth
Save Our Earth | Source

The solution probably could be:

  • worldwide awareness programs to educate the consumers about the perils of plastic waste
  • get a commitment by the consumers to ensure that he or she will deposit the bottle in the recycle collection chain.
  • make suitable laws / modify existing laws to stop pollution and encourage recycling.

Help Save Earth

Consider it this way, the earth is your house you live in. The environment and atmosphere are the essential parameters of the health of the house. The health of humans is intimately connected with the house they live in. Damage to natural habitat, for instance to the wildlife, forests, natural resources by pollution or mindless overuse can lead to humans being exposed to new diseases.

Therefore, each and every individual should take some responsibility to save the earth and contribute to conservation of the environment.

Altu: Impressive !

"Author: Sundeep Kataria"

Our Planet is Beautiful
Our Planet is Beautiful | Source

And It Continues

Their conversations continue like this and I promise to bring more of them to you.

Please do share your Experiences / Comments / Suggestions on this subject. It might help make our planet better

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