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School Graduation Song - The Perfect Grad Songs

Updated on May 11, 2011
School Graduation Song
School Graduation Song

What Song To Choose for Graduation

Graduations especially from high schools, colleges and universities are a joyous time for the grads. Generally each graduating class will like to choose a song that is one of the class favorites through out the year or years.

With so many songs and so many memories, choosing the graduation song that fits each class and represents the graduating class of any particular year, doesn't really have to be to hard of a process to establish.

Yet not always will everyone be happy but if only those remember it is a special day too and really is only just a song.

How the song usually is chosen, most times, is that the class representatives will take a poll with a few of the popular songs or even take suggestions of favorites songs from classmates.

Then a vote will take place to see which song is the most popular among students and that song will become their school graduation song.

Most graduating classes will choose the best grad song for their classes time period by selecting groups who came out with a song that most students really made a connection with during the school year.

A lot of times grad students may select older songs from a past generation that may have made an impact on the way they feel about the current year, but also could represent how they have grown over their school years.

Music and Parties

Music has been much of a part of everyones lives during school or college. Nt everyone enjoys the same type of music and that is what gives the world such a large selection of enjoyable music to listen to everyday.

Having a grad party is for fun so the music and volume should try to the taste of the crowd. Again if you listen to the songs on the radio you will find not every song that comes on from the DJ, do you like, so keep in mind the guests will feel the same way from time to time and it is a normal.

The most important thing to remember is have fun and enjoy the memories.

Graduation Ideas As Gifts

Another part of a graduation ceremony is selecting the perfect graduation gift for that special someone.

A gift like a nice picture frame is perfect for exciting photos taken to capture the most treasured memories of the graduation day.

These photos and frames will be a gift that any grad would surely appreciate in the latter years when looking back on the path they have taken to get to where they are today.


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    • profile image

      Wooded 6 years ago

      I remember all of my graduation songs. Your hub brought me back to a great time - Thanks!