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School Of The Future Change The Structure And Help Revitalise The World Economy

Updated on July 29, 2013
Business man in Classroom
Business man in Classroom | Source

The Old Structure

The school system that we see today has been around for Centuries. Learning has always been part of our Civilisation, but back in History it was mainly boys who were allowed to learn. Girls were expected to become wives and mothers only learning to sew, cook and look after children.The school system that we have today mainly came about in the 18th century and it hasn’t really changed much since then.

Back then it worked because the upper class society took their education and went on to work in the higher paid jobs such as Teachers, Lawyers, Bankers and other necessary positions. As the years went by and the mainstream population were allowed a free education, boys and girls both began to show that the education system was something that really worked. Children were getting the chance of a better life.

Now we get to the 21st Century.

Pupils go to school, leave and then go on to higher education such as College and University. After getting their qualifications, they then leave and are thrust out into the World, and most spend months or even years trying to get a job that fits their qualifications.

At this stage some can be very lucky and find exactly what they are looking for.

Other’s don't.

It’s a fact that the majority of school leavers today come away with so many qualifications that they are in fact over qualified for most jobs. Many a time a young person applies for a job only to be turned away because they have too much education.

This can be so frustrating. Not only do they need to work, but the jobs that are on offer are completely different to what they have planned for most of their lives, thus leaving them with a sense of frustration and seeing their life plans go down the drain. Many of them will move from job to job trying to fulfil their ambitions and be knocked back at every turn.

This can be so debilitating for them. To work towards a dream only to be thrown on the rubbish tip of life. Everything they ever wanted will disappear, years off hard work will be spent doing something that leaves them not only feeling frustrated, but a failure.

This will affect their whole lives. Not only the quality but how they interact with other people, their mental state, and of course whether they can get married or be able to afford to start a family.

What To Do?

The sad thing about this is that it affects the whole World that we live in. The reason being that there are so many intelligent young people out there that can be using their brains to enhance the quality of the planet.

Just think about it for one moment. How many kids  could be a top scientist? Maybe one of them could solve the problems in the Third World, eradicate Malaria, put an end to Aids, or even be the person who discovers how to grow food for the starving, in a way that we have never thought of before.

I know what you are thinking. Surely these intelligent people have gone through College and have been accepted into the Scientific community.

Not necessarily.

The reason being that we forget how young they are. That’s not being ageist it’s just stating a fact.

What if?

Just imagine for one moment that the person in question doesn’t manage to get a College grade for some reason. Or just because they are really intelligent, it doesn’t mean that they have the push to get where they should be.

Some people are really nervous before an interview, making them lose out on the jobs that they want, purely because they come across as incompetent or just ‘wrong’ for the job. Take in consideration, illness, or lack of money to get to the interview, then you have the same old scenario again

Apprenticeships Straight From The Classroom.
Apprenticeships Straight From The Classroom. | Source

My Vision Of The Future

Check out this Scenario, and tell me what you think.

In the last two years of school, a child tells the teacher what he or she wants to do when they leave school. They have been above average in their school results on that particular subject and the teacher can see that they have promise. Not only that, but the subject has been a dream of theirs ever since they were a small child.

But it always seemed out of reach. A pipe dream.

As long as there is a lesson in the school curriculum for the subject, the teacher then makes sure that each and every child chooses which class subject they want to do.

As the school year gets under way, the children will be allowed to study the subject of their choice above all others. Keeping their other studies to the mornings, and the chosen one for every afternoon.

When the time comes to leave school, instead of going to College or University, the Head Teacher gathers the children into their subject groups.

It's Open Day.

But instead of the kids parents coming to see their work, it is in fact an open day for the local business’s and Scientific communities to come and find their latest recruits.

Each business has to find places for the children who have shown interest and intelligence for that particular job. After reading the school work and talking to the individuals, they will then accept the children into their firms after the child has left school.

No More Interviews.

No More Disappointments.

And most importantly, the Scientists or Business men will find a really suitable candidate for the job, who is willing and eager to start on their life’s journey in the job that should be rightfully theirs.

And Bring Back Apprenticeships Now! Don't Wait For The Future!

What About The Rest?

Questions That You May Ask

1.What about the children who are not interested in any particular subject?

2. What about the children who cannot get the grades they want, even though they love that subject?

I Never Said It Would Be Easy. But There Is A Solution.

For the children who don’t have a particular subject that they really want to do, give them a choice of three or four subjects. Over the two years they can study each, and by the time It comes to leaving school, they should know which one they want to do. If not, they have the option of going through the old process of interviews and finding a job that is easier, and one that they are happy with.

As for the children within a group who get lower grades, they will have the option to stay on for another year for more study. Or even be given jobs within their chosen subject that is not quite as technical but are given the choice of working their way up.

Too Many Children Not Enough Job Space

The one question that I am sure you are asking is, where are all these jobs going to come from? If you employ all the children every year, what about the people already working there?

As I said, not easy. But there is a way around it. Each year all around the World, there are people who need Scientists, Doctors, Medics and many other professions. The world is becoming a much smaller place. The children who really do want these jobs will be offered over seas work, and each institute or work place will be given funds by the government to build extra facilities for more work, more research and most importantly, progress.

So you see it could work.

Oh, And Here's A Thought. A Big One.

Message to our Governments. Start showing some loyalty to the people of this Country. Every time you allow a person from abroad to come and work here you are slapping the faces of the people who are English, British and Immigrants who have lived here for years. What right do you have allowing people to come in and take our jobs when there are millions of British people out of work? It would be different if they were Scientists, Doctors etc that we may or may not need. But to allow people over here to go straight into the Shop Jobs, Offices and other similar Jobs is disgusting. And before you say, well you said that you would send the British over seas to help out, I was talking about Jobs such as Scientists etc. Can you imagine me going to a poorer country, and walking straight in and taking a man's Job that he desperately needs to feed his family? No, didn't think so. Sort it out.

Musicians of the Future  Children Being The Person That They Want To Be.
Musicians of the Future Children Being The Person That They Want To Be. | Source

Restructuring For The Future

The point of this article is to prove that, once and for all, there is a different way. Surely a child who loves a particular subject, is going to work much harder and produce more results, than someone who has been led or pushed into the job through sheer desperation.

If each and every child could fulfil their dream without all the hastle and hard work of trying to get the job that they really wanted, only to be pushed back because of lack of space in the work place, or nerves at the interview, then the World would progress much quicker. There would be a much smaller benefit system because the people would automatically have jobs, there would be no College fees that have to be paid back, and the most important thing out of all of this, would be that each and every child would feel proud to have achieved their dreams, by playing a big part in making the new World a better place.


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