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Cheap College Students School Supplies:Where to Buy Online

Updated on July 21, 2011

Time For School

It’s that time again. Time to grab the school list and head to the store to buy school supplies. I don’t know about you, but the list gets longer and longer every year. Unfortunately, my bills do too. Between the clothes, transportation and school supplies, I am spent.

So enough of running from store to store, emptying my wallet- I shop online!

By shopping online, I avoid the chaos of the stores, the waiting and waiting, only to find they are out of what I need or uped the price.

I found that shopping online is the way to go. No lines, no running from one store to the next, and no losing my temper because of the crowds.

Quality Items Without the Hassle

Shopping Online is the easiest way to find what you need. In my experience, Amazon is by far the best online shopping experience.

I find everything needed on my childs list and my own, as I am a student at the nearby college.I add each item in the cart and proceed to checkout without ever leaving the comfort of my seat! I never have to wait for the 'sale' because at Amazon, it's always the best price. Plus, the more I buy, the more I save.

Buy purchasing school clothing and uniforms through Amazon, my kids get unique items that aren’t at every other store. My daughter will not be a clone of her classmates, she loves that. And so do I.

More Variety

By shopping online, you have more variety compared to your local store. It's easier to find the brands that your child wants, not just what is available to them.

By buying school clothes online, I avoid the "test" of parenting while trying on outfit to outfit in store after store. My kids love going through the choices, picking the color and anxiously awaiting the package in the mail.

Let's be honest, kids love getting mail. And this is a great way to get my kids excited about going back to school!

Pencils, pens,shoes, uniforms, calculators, textbooks- basically, if you need it - it is there!

Free Shipping!

Amazon offers Free Shipping for orders over $25.00. Amazon knows that $25.00 is easy to spend with the overgrown list of supplies each year. They are sympathetic to our economic hardships.

From parent to parent, why hassle yourself and overspend in the process. Try online shopping, I'm sure that you will not be disappointed.


Discount Teacher Supplies

Teachers, I honor you- as it is probaly one of the hardest jobs with the most rewards.

Unfortunately, educational grants and the overall budget is shrinking. With that, your classroom isn't receiving what is beneficial for your students or to lend you a hand with teaching.. has school supplies not only for the kids or College student, but for those awesome teachers too!

Amazon Returns

Amazon return policy is hassle-free, so if for some reason you decide it is not what you wanted, the return is easy.

Pre-paid shipping labels are available for items shipped by within the United States. Simply go to Amazons Return Center located at

  • Re-box the item
  • Place the pre-paid label on top of the box 
  • Drop at the nearest Post Office.

Refunds are given between 10-15 days. No hassle just great customer service.

*Of course the return policy may differ depending on purchased item, check Amazons Return Policy prior to purchase.*

Amazon has all your school needs, check it out and start saving today!


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