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School Supplies Made Simple

Updated on August 18, 2007

After an especially harrowing time in Wal-Mart searching high and low for school supplies from the list, I found myself just about screaming in the aisle "Someone ought to package this stuff!"

Someone could seriously make a fortune because I for one, and I'm sure I'm not alone here, would be willing to pay a tidy sum to avoid the hassle of searching for random school supplies, especially those for which a certain brand is specified - because you know it is not going to be the run of the mill brand, it's some offbeat version that for some reason the second grade teachers have fallen in love with this year. But I digress.

The good news is that someone has already figured all this out for us. School supplies are available in pre-packaged kits! Yay! Not only that, but several companies offer customized school supply kits and a percentage of your purchase price goes back to the school so it's a handy fundraiser as well.

Now all you need to do is convince the PTA that this is a VERY GOOD IDEA.


It couldn't be easier. The school provides the school supply provider company with lists (by grade) of the required supplies. This list usually needs to be submitted in the spring, and many companies require prepayment at that time. Before school begins, school supplies are delivered in sets neatly contained in cute bags, boxes, or shrink wrapped. No more going from store to store for specific items, no more wandering through the aisles looking for Vis-à-vis markers, no more wondering if they mean glue, or glue stick. You'll never receive another note home from the teacher that you bought the wrong watercolors. Trust me, there is such a thing.

Your check clears and kids pick up supplies on the first day of school! How wonderful for all of us.


I'd expect to pay a premium for this service. And believe me it would be well worth it. But the thing is that these companies are buying in bulk. That means the extra they would have charged for their service, as well as the amount they return to the school, is offset by the bulk costs they are able to obtain on the school supplies. They offer a competitive price.

Some companies even offer nifty extras like envelopes for the ubiquitous checks you will be sending off with your child to school for less worthy fundraisers.

Get Organized

It won't be difficult to convince parents to jump on board this train. However, you may have to do some work to get teachers and administration into the new habit of having next year's school supply lists ready before the end of the current year.

You'll also need to decide how you want to run things. Depending on what company you go with, you generally have two options. You can either have parents pre-order and prepay for school supply kits in the spring, or the school can order a set number of kits and sell them during summer or the first week of school.

Companies That Offer This Amazing Service:


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