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Schools, Camera Phones, Bullies and Education

Updated on May 8, 2009

Life at School in the 2000's

I am a remarried/single parent. I say that because no one is going to treat your child like you are and no one is going to put up with some of the things you as a natural parent will put up with, I don't care how well the spouse gets along with them. 

When he lived with his mom had taken him to therapy and a psychiatrist for the past 6 years because he had been molested by a 16 year old idiot they had watch him when he was five so they could go out, get drunk and party on the weekend as they always did and he was diagnosed with ADHD and takes three medications still. I now have temporary custody of my son and have, for almost three years now. I paid child support for nine years and finally after my son and his mom got into an argument, she put him on a plane. I attempted to place him in public school. To say the least that did not work. Out of 13 days he was bullied right out of the school. He just could not put up with the pants down to their ankles, the F--- You's, and the Mother F----- this and the Mother F----- that, and the drugs being sold in the principal's office, etc..., and being spat upon and kicked with no help from the staff. I had to place him in private school. I had figured he would be in public school and I would have a little relief for the child support, health insurance, and attornies fees, I had been paying for nine years to the tune of $50K but you know what, his education and well being is more important to me than him being belittled or becoming one of them. So for two years I placed him in private school. When you get to know private school, you find out that alot of the students are there because they can't go anywhere else and there is automatically another problem. There were kids even buated in private school for dealing the "weed". That's another story. I wish they would legalize it so we could stop spending or wasting rather so much time and money chasing after small time criminals. I thought being free meant you were free to choose your poison not theirs. Such as ahcohol and cigarettes. Anyway, pretty much everywhere you turn the kids have it a lot rougher than we did when I was in school.

Now he attends a magnite school and it seems to be a step up from the miserable school I tried to place him in when I first gained custody. You still have bullies, you still have cursing like they have never been told how to speak in public and I understand the young girls are enduring beatings to show off their bruises, so they can say thay belong to someone. I also thought slavery and torture were out, guess not!

Any how the thing is he was in class the other day and made a mistake because the teacher had not shown him how to move a 600 pound engine and it fell over. Well, here's three black students right there with their cell phone cameras snapping away. When the dumb a-- teacher saw what was going on he did not confiscate the phones he just told them to put them up. The damage had already been done in my opinion. If you are not going to stand by rules, and have security on campus, then why bother

I went to the school to talk with the dean of boys, we went to the class and the conversation went one way. The teacher could not give me a straight answer and the Dean was right with him. He said he told my son how to move the engine but he did not say he watched him to make sure he knew what he was doing and he would not answer my question about the cell phones and the usage in class. When I put the dean on the spot he said they were not to use them in school period. The teacher told me I was welcome to come in one day and pick up cell phones if I wanted. It just so happened the very next night the TV News had a report on about kids getting there a--es kicked in schools and it being placed on YouTube and the like. How would you feel if that happened to you?

This is the problem we have in the schools now. To much government telling the teachers what to do and what not to do. What to teach and what not to teach and no codes of dress. If the kids want to look like tramps thats OK with them. You have to have control somewhere if you are going to have any respect. Somethings got to give!


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