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Schools in every Village a possibility or is it problematic in India.

Updated on July 18, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Children who studied in my Town - India.Majority out side India.


Rohini Nilekani please see your sweet walk walks fast.Go to Village in Chinnakool in Hosur and give books to 50 children - There is no School in this Village.

They are now Nationally & Globally Scattered.

The picture shown above are children who were in a school 30 years ago in a Town called as city just because it had the political support and few big politicians.These politicians started few schools to educate the local community children who could not afford to go to a real city with proper infrastructure for college education in professional courses for their not so poor or little not so rich community.What they have done by starting few schools has turned out to be a gold mine now after 30 years.Those children in the above picture are now have their own children now in schools that are much better than their schools of their time. Now the country has very big and highly influential and highly rich persons capable of even making policies for the Govt to benefit them to grow in to their own universities and research institutes.Most of these educational Institutes have people today who can pay any amount to educate their children. These Institutions also get students from other countries and even have the power to give degrees of foreign countries in most of the professional courses.There is no law to control them effectively since their representatives are in the govt and few of them themselves are in the gov.'t. The Son of a Chief Minister who was asked to resign from his party by his top party Boss is running a huge college and a camps so huge in his home town on National Highway. No Chief Minister has started any school by his own money.I may say our cricket player Sachin Tendulkar has adopted 100 schools in various places in Mumbai.Gujarat is ahead in all respects but every one of 18,000 village has no school only for girls even though his ambition is to make every girl literate in his state like other states but in Kerala where literate percentage is 100% how have they achieved that.No one including the people of the Villages want to know why these village children have no school in their village.People living in city's do not bother about the village children or their education as they themselves are in trouble in getting their children in to schools that are in the city's.All of the city people want their children to study in private school but not govt school.Govt is not interested in children of their school but just the board that say ting's gov't school. The quality of these schools is all very interesting if we enter the school.We all know the reason but we are powerless to do anything.Teacher's are appointed only if they pay to the authority that sanctions and others who forward their applications.Even the peon who hands over the letter to the newly appointed teacher is to be given goose.

My School in a Village in Tamil Nadu.

Though I call it a school it is only some sort of Tutorial class explaing the children of only 4th ,5th and 6th standard students their class Text book that is in English and making them improve their hand writing and speaking by writing and reading their class Text Books.These children were studying in school run by the Government and their English teacher was unable to teach them by taking personal interest in each and every one of his student. I used to meet these children whom I am now teaching only English when I was on my evening walk and these children used to meet me on the road and say good evening sir.One day I had a long discussion with these students as to wheather they could say anything more than just good evening they all said no.I asked them if they are interested in learning English if I taught them they said yes you please help .I told them to come to my office and I would help them.They all came and after looking after looking at the English books they had I made my Syllabus and gave them their first lesson on a sheet of printed mater on a paper taking the print out from my printer.They all took the paper but did not return the next few days.I knew it was a village and there would be some issues such as who is this man,why is he doing this will he demand money from us etc etc. I met the President and told him everything and asked him if there was any issues, he said no sir you are doing a good work we have no problem you can do what ever you want in this village and you have my permission.I do not know what happened as I had not gone for my evening walk for few days but the 4 children with one handicapped girl and a 5 year old boy came.I started as I had planned and started with just writing and reading simple sentences and it went on with more children and when it was 12 of them I did not take a more.What about Teachers,Class Rooms.Furniture and other infrastructures Another major mis management is the Mid Day Meals.The food that they should get is never given.No NGO is operating in my Village there are many in the State Capitol.

The First Batch.


How many Primary Govt Schools.

.There are 16,314 Villages in Tamil Nadu.How many Primary Schools should we have for so many Villages.There are 1073 Primary Schools.on an average in my dist that is one school for just 15.21 Villages. Any Village is not less than 1 KM if not more.Is it possible to have one school in the middle of 16 Villages.If that is possible will every Village child walk just 1 KM. Govt Primary School do not have school Bus.Each Farmer has 2 orl 3 children ( in my village it is so ).Can the Farmer take 3 children to school every day.My Village children walk one way 2 KM or more but few children go to private school by School Bus.What about the majority of children.Are there good roads to walk are there private bus operators.How will the children walk during rainy season.

Govt can construct schools.

Every Village can have a building constructed by the Govt for a Primary School but how will it work. I did start a school just 3 months back in my office room and from the students who came to learn English which was the only subject I teach I find none of the students know how to speak the language and their writing is like their mother tongue Telugu.The teacher in the Govt school they say is not taking any interest to teach them.I could make out his problem to teach when they are taught everything else in Telugu and just few pages in a ALL IN ONE BIG BOOK which contains the whole syllabus.Teaching them in Telugu may be easy as they understand every word that is said but teaching English is very difficult to 6 and 7 year old children who do not listen to what is said but behave like brats and stupids, talking to each other and misbehaving even after repeated requests making the teachers helpless will result in teachers neglecting them resulting in ignorance to the lessons taught.No teacher can teach students who misbehave and make repeated silly mischief all the time.Village Children do not know discipline as it does not exist in their homes.One and only thing they do is eat.Give them anything they will eat.Ask them to write all words in alphabet A and all they can say is only Apple and nothing more they cant write.There is nobody at home to teach the children and only 4 out of 12 children can do what I say the rest it is taking my lid blow but I try taking it as a challenge to show the Villagers that their kids need attention.Any Primary School Teacher today is a Lady.They can handle children but I think it is not possible for all Men.If I can say that most of the schools today whether Govt or Private is managed mostly by woman is mostly true.The problem is they do not give bribe to enter schools as teacher.Those who give cannot teach but they are mostly in Govt schools with men who take and give bribe They give bribe to enter schools and take bribe from students parents to give marks to students in their exams,though not all of them like my Teacher 'NAIDU SIR' of Govt School,Magadi Road,Bangalore (1939) and Srinivasan Sir of Bangalore High School - (1956).

Having Schools in every village is possible - problematic,but very much.

Question to the Present Generation.Have you donated any book to a school.


Go to a Govt School near your home.

Ask a Child if it has picture story book in its Language.

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