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Using Science to Define God. Will that make God a lesser being? I think not.

Updated on September 14, 2018

Energy. It's what moves us.

Secrets of the Universe
Secrets of the Universe | Source

It's not fact, just my theory. But, what if....

Perhaps God is a living force of energy that floats freely through the universe. Perhaps this energy has the power to pull together bits of matter out of what appears to be absolutely nothing. Perhaps this energy gathers such a huge mass of matter that it explodes into the beginnings of our universe.

Don’t roll your eyes at me. Hear me out. Humor me. Think about it. Think about the possibilities.

Let’s just say that this energy did have that ability to shape matter. But it is energy – it has no tools to work with, no arms, no legs. Still, somehow, it managed to create mass and matter. It has managed to form a universe.

How long do you think that would have taken, to pull little bits of nothing into, say, a black hole, and contain it until it formed into dust, then dirt, then rock and mineral? To create a great mass of molten materials, enough to create a whole universe? How long?

Does it matter how long it would take? It is, in truth, a miracle to be able to pull mass and matter out of what appears to be nothing at all. Science puts a name to the particles and puts a number on the time it took for these reactions to happen, and for some reason that makes it all very plain and ordinary. It’s no longer a miracle.

But I say it is.

This explosion of particles to form a universe appears random, and yet, things start to take shape. Natural laws develop. Laws that are dictated and controlled by the ebb and flow of energy.


I have a point, and instead of pontificating on and on, I will try to make my point quickly.

What is the difference between an amoeba and a piece of bubblegum?

No, I’m not trying to be funny; I’m not cracking a weird joke. I’m asking a serious question. What is the difference between them?

One lives. The other does not.

What does the bubblegum become, over time? Does it change and evolve? It follows the natural laws of the universe, as it is molded by the energies that surround it – it’s heated. It’s cooled. Parts of it rot and decay, other parts become dry and brittle. It disintegrates, breaks apart, and blends with the materials surrounding it. That is its evolution.

What about the amoeba, what does it become, over time? It strives to survive. It seeks light and food. It reproduces itself. And it changes, subtly, over time, to suit its environment.

Why doesn’t the bubble gum do that?

Well, that’s a ridiculous question of course, because it is not alive.

But the bubblegum does still change over time because it is manipulated by the energies that surround it. Energy, without arms and legs, still has the power to effect.


What would happen to matter if there was no energy around to affect it?

This thing we call energy, which we cannot see or feel, has great power. Yet science has given it a name, so we no longer consider it a miracle. It’s just an ordinary everyday word.

I say it is God. Science and religion come together. Does that make God ordinary?

In a way, yes. But overall, no. We are part of a miracle that exists in abundance all around us. The only reason it is ordinary is that we choose to see it as such.

Energy has no arms and legs to manipulate the particles of the universe, and yet it has the power to do so. It takes it billions of years, but it still has the power to do so.

But then. Then…

It manages to manifest inside of matter. The energy creates life, and what is life animated by...what?

Energy. Of course. So, what then is life?

Life is the god force, incarnate.

3.6 billion years ago, simple cells manifested on the earth. This wasn’t a simple thing to do. All the right factors for life had to be in place. By free floating energy, mass and matter were manipulated to create a habitable environment. Oh, your scientists will beg to differ and can explain to you the exact techniques required to develop the earth to make it exactly right for life to spring forth. You should listen to them sometime, these God-killing explanations that they make. They aren’t God-killing at all. They are God proving. Science proves that God exists. But we can’t have that, because that makes God nothing but ordinary and explainable.

God is omnipotent! God is all knowing! God is eternal!


Yes! But God is also ordinary - if we must insist on using that word - for things that are proven. We see life as very, very ordinary. Our world is permeated with life, too much life, we kill off life we call weeds and pestilence because there is so much of it. Life is an ordinary, everyday thing.

And life – all life – is God.

What?!? That’s the most ridiculous, outrageous thing anyone has ever said! How stupid can you be?! A fly is not God! A dog is not God! And human beings, ugh! Human Beings! We are most definitely not God! Who do you think you are, thinking you are God?! You uppity…

Here, here, here now! No need for all that. I know it seems presumptuous. It's a ridiculously simple solution to all of our beliefs, and worse, it makes God fallible.

That’s right, I said it. God can make mistakes and has made mistakes, time and again.

God has created miracles! But they are far from perfect miracles. And God knows that. More finesse is required to continue this project of creation.

It requires arms and legs.

Mankind struggles for survival
Mankind struggles for survival | Source

So, 3.6 billion years ago, simple cells manifest. It took them about 2.6 billion years to manifest into multi-cellular organisms, and for the past 600 million years, it struggled to become something more. It changed and evolved. It went extinct, then changed and evolved again. Finally, about 200, 000 years ago, modern men opened their eyes and began to roam the earth.

Modern man is the incarnation of God, but God has roamed the earth in many other shapes for billions of years before us. We are only one manifestation of God, the result of trial and error

We should be very humble. We are, in fact, very weak, compared to a lot of other forms of life. But the God force wasn’t trying to "create" life. It wasn’t trying to bring forth Adam and Eve and make a little world it could look down upon and govern. No.

God was trying to manifest. God was trying to create a tool, where it could manipulate matter with more finesse. Where it could continue its work of forming and shaping the universe.

200,000 years ago, God manifested into an organism that was capable of doing that work. It created a vehicle it could live inside that came complete with a standard operating system – the body could breathe and the heart could beat, the body could maintain itself and function without conscious thought. It had an open, blank empty brain, space which could be filled with all the necessary information needed to continue its work.

BUT... when it opened its eyes, it saw itself as a single entity, bound in flesh, with no recollection of where it came from. The main focus on its mind wasn’t creation. It was simple survival.

Maps and Blueprints. Standard Operating Systems. How does that happen by random chance?
Maps and Blueprints. Standard Operating Systems. How does that happen by random chance? | Source

God created miracles! But they were far from perfect miracles. Did the free-floating energy that is the God force foresee this little glitch, when it decided to manifest? It spent 3.6 billion years working on making life, living inside it, driving it to evolve and change and grow. Each of these little bits of energy animating these entities would have been cut off, separated from the main body of energy for the time it occupied a body. Then it would return to the whole. So God knew there was a flaw. God worked on that flaw, developing maps and blueprints through DNA, information that could be passed physically from one life form to the next, so they could remember what it is they were. This is what we refer to as instinct. This was information that caused the next life form to change and evolve.

But the life experiences stored in the brain – this information didn’t transfer.

Would such a tiny flaw really matter, in the great scheme? Billions of years have passed while the universe was created, and billions more will follow. Time means nothing to free-floating energy. It had a vehicle that could adapt, think and remember. It had pose-able thumbs. It was truly a miraculous accomplishment

So my "scientific" theory – living things are not the creation of God. They are the embodiment of God. Or, more accurately, they are matter, animated by the energy of God. When God no longer animates the physical materials, they return to mass and matter, and the energy - it simply returns to itself.


200,000 years. We as humans have grown and evolved and created and made the world a better place; for some. Somehow we managed to get this far, even though our purpose didn’t really transfer to our physical form. Let's face it, we've been clueless and really don't know what we were doing.

Within that 200,000 years, it did filter through to some of us to see the truth of what we are. A simple truth that's very obvious; it sits right in front of our faces. The time it has taken to discover and accept this small truth seems like a very long time to a physical mind, but it’s really, probably, just about right, in the great scheme.

If this simple theory is true – would that not change absolutely everything?

God is explained.

We are explained.

The very reason we exist is explained.

We shouldn’t beseech God to help us, because the fact is, We are God. We are supposed to do the work ourselves. Is there famine? We should be fixing that. Is there a disease? We should be fixing that. Are their flaws to nature, to the human condition? We should be fixing that.

Is that presumptuous? Is it? Look at us, people. LOOK AT US.

Not to mention modern medicine, genetics, science, and other technology we now take for granted and consider "ordinary".
Not to mention modern medicine, genetics, science, and other technology we now take for granted and consider "ordinary". | Source

The God Force all the energy of the universe and all the souls that have returned to it, does have the power to help us if we learn (remember) how to connect to it. To do that, we need to value nature.

We have the intelligence, we have the technology, we have the materials to accomplish all of the above. So... what are we doing, right now? Why aren't we doing what we are here for?

Did it ever occur to anybody that Jesus was aware of all this? The son of God. We are all the children of God. He tried to tell us that. Other prophets have come and gone who tried to tell us that. But we weren’t ready to believe it.

We wanted a savior; we didn’t want to BE the savior.

Global warming would not be an issue if we focused on what our true purpose is. Starvation and war would not be an issue if we focused on what our true purpose is. Crime would be non-existent if we focused on what our true purpose is.

Money and self-interest are NOT what our true purpose is.

Our true purpose is to be the acting hands of God, to continue and further the development of creation and the development of the universe.

That’s right. I said it. The Universe. We’ve got billions of years to get it all sorted out. Probably more. What is time, to God, after all? We have all the time in the world.

But first, we need to start here; with the Earth.


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