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Learning Activities-Science Lesson, Games, and More

Updated on July 9, 2022

Projects and games make learning fun.

Learning Activities, Science Projects and Games. Have you ever wondered how to keep you entire class focused and learning their lessons have you tried science projects or games. Power Point presentations can be animated to keep even the squirmist student's eyes and mind on task science projects and games can be projected on the screen involving the entire class. Children need to be engaged in learning activities science projects and games touch all of the senses. Centers are an excellent way for kids to interact with one another. Science projects and games provide opportunities for children to interact with one another and engage themselves in language building skills.

Have you ever observed you student while they engage in group activities? Allow the to share information and teach each other the skills needed for the lesson at hand. Science projects are exciting for children and give them the freedom to discuss and talk about their finding. Game are social and by introducing them to your classroom you will find that students that didn't respond well to a verbal lesson may blossom when given such opportunities. Opportunities equal chances for learning.

Lesson that are centered around a child's previous knowledge allow his to build connection for new learning easily. When children are given learning opportunities designed to meet these needs learning becomes relevant for them. It is known that children are eager to learn new skills, but must be guided through the process with activities that are appropriate for the age and stage of development of each individual child.

Made It Fun

Games, learning activities, group work,


Kids enjoy games. Take learning to another level!

Try Gaming!

Gaming is fun for kids and they learn concept while they play. It is important to let children learn naturally in an environment of social interactions when a lesson is entertaining.


How many times a week do your kids work in groups?

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Make it fun

Whether you're a parent or and educator you know that children learn for observation, listening, doing tasks for themselves and then teaching those skills to other. Learning doesn't stop when a child preforms a task, it is permanently planted in the brain when they are given opportunities to teach others to do those tasks. As parent and teachers it is important to make sure to follow-up on each learning experience by finding these opportunities.

Learn Outdoors

Outdoor Social Interactions develop Language Skills.

Learning outside is great

Outdoor Play
Outdoor Play

Physical activity outside helps the body develop coordination. Games, running and imaginative play are excellent activities for learning. Young and old kids alike learn while interacting with their peers. Take them outside, a few balls, some jacks, jump ropes and a safe area to play.

Take Learning Outdoors!

Let you student put their classroom knowledge into practice. E=MC2 can be put into practice with rockets in the science classroom. Students will see for themselves how learning was meant to be and will enjoy and remember the lesson better.

This is not just a fun day outside. Kids often learn more than they ever would in the classroom. They focus and experience theories first hand. This type of learning is not duplicated in the classroom no matter how sophisticated our technology is in the classroom.. Sure you may have to monitor them a bit closer and keep them on task and focused, but if the activity is worthwhile it should be minimal.


Most kids want to be the leader of an activity. What a better way then to let them TEACH!

Let them Be Teacher!

Every teacher knows the different phases of learning. By using these concept in your classroom your student will develop a better understanding of the materials. The retention level of these learned concept with increase and learning will be permanent.

Don't forget the phases of learning:





When a child knows the lesson let them teach students in earlier phases of learning. Remember how it was the first time you taught a lesson? You had to really work at learning ALL the details. There are always student willing to teach their peers. Allow ample time for teaching opportunities among students. The lessons go beyond out adult concept of learning, children are some of the best teachers for student with difficulties with certain lessons. Have them work in groups or with partners, sharing information is often seen as cheating, but it is a valuable learning opportunity.

Games using the smart board. Kids love them!

Games using the smart board.  Kids love them!
Games using the smart board. Kids love them!

Dress Down Fridays! Wear T-shirts that teach concepts.

Dress Down Fridays!  Wear T-shirts that teach concepts.
Dress Down Fridays! Wear T-shirts that teach concepts.

Tell us how you make learning fun in your classroom.


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