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Amazing Scientific Fact: Discover the Schumann Resonance

Updated on September 20, 2014

Movie Trailer: Beings of Frequency


The Most Important Connection

We all have felt that there is a connection between state of mind, well being and living in harmony with nature. When you go for a stroll in the woods, a picnic or a hike in the mountains- you feel it. What it is you feel- you can't exactly articulate or prove but it is there, a sense of health and wellness- even contentment. It is more than the perception of the aesthetics of beauty. It is your connection to this planet.

Ancient civilizations and cultures including First Nations, Pagan and Celtic Faiths have shared the beliefs that the key to harmony, health and wellness was to live in tandem with mother nature. What they 'felt' is now translated and proven by the physics of electricity and frequency- it is called the Schumann Resonance.


Each thunderbolt of electricity that is generated releases energy and frequency between the sky and the earth. In Geophysics, It is the frequency of 7.28 Hz,like a heart beat, that resonates from the electrical discharge during storms within the upper sky or ionosphere. The ionosphere is a shell of electrons and electrically charged atoms and molecules that surrounds the Earth stretching from a height of about 50 km (31 mi) to more than 1,000 km (620 mi). It exists primarily because of ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Ultraviolet, x-ray and short wave lengths are ionizing within this area of sky and are also emitting frequencies. Ionization depends on the sun's activity.

Because there is more sun during the day and in summer, there is more radiation and thus more ionization discharge and storms, therefore, there is less at night and during winter. Have you ever noticed that your radio and cell phone signals are better transmitted after sunset? This is because there is less radiation interference at these times.

The Schumann Resonance was first partly discovered through early electrical experiments performed by the enigmatic scientist- Nicola Tesla. Tesla was known for experimenting with wireless electricity and frequencies but his work was rejected by many including Edison. Lack of funding prevented the discovery of this 'heart beat' sooner.

Later, in 1952, the German scientist, Dr. Schumann worked on physics calculations with his students while exploring the concept of ball condensers. They imagined the ionosphere was one ball and the earth another and calculated the frequency repeatedly around 10 Hz. No one imagined or knew the impact and relevancy of this discovery at that time.After Schumann, Dr.Konig narrowed the frequency to 7.83 Hz during his doctoral work.

Your Brain and the Earth Share a Frequency 7.83 Hz


  • In human EEG studies, the term theta waves refers to frequency components in the 4–7 Hz range
  • The term "theta rhythm" is used to refer to two different phenomena, "hippocampal theta" and "human cortical theta"
  • Theta waves tend to appear during meditative, drowsy, or sleeping states, but not during the deepest stages of sleep
  • Hippocampal theta oscillations were associated with REM sleep and the transition from sleep to waking
  • Theta is seen normally in young children.
  • Theta waves may be seen in drowsiness or arousal in older children and adults
  • Theta waves can also be seen in meditation.

Not Science Fiction but Science Fact

If brain waves are a type of radio frequency wave that have an effect on cells as well as brain activity causing different forms of communication. What is the potential for other types of waves in science for practical application?


Nanobiology and Microwaves

In 2002, researchers at MIT reported that they could now control DNA biomolecules using radio waves. Radio-controlled biology may lead to single-atom or single-molecule machines or the ability to hook tiny antennae into living systems to turn genes on and off.They predict radio waves will be used to influence these cells even to the extent of manipulating DNA. ""Recent studies have provided new insights into the complexity, precision and efficiency of biomolecular machines at the molecular scale, inspiring the development of physical and chemical manipulation of biological systems," said Joseph M. Jacobson, associate professor at the MIT Media Lab and an author of the study.(1)

1. M.I.T News-Bio Radio -

Microwaves Used to Treat Specific Cancers

Would you believe specific frequencies directed at cancer can block its growth? After having their research be virtually ignored by colleagues as 'unbelievable'. In December 2011, the British Journal of Cancer released a paper by the a research group, led by Boris Pasche of the University of Alabama medical school in Birmingham U.K. It might help convince skeptics that EM (electromagnetic) cancer therapy is real.

The new paper shows that the 'same' type of signals that were effective in patients disrupted cancer cells in the laboratory. It reports on a series of experiments in which 27 MHz RF radiation, amplitude modulated (AM Radio waves) at specific frequencies between 100 Hz and 21 kHz, inhibited the growth of two types of liver cancer cells, and a different set of modulation frequencies inhibited breast cancer cells.

Strikingly, the liver tumor frequencies had no effect on the breast cancer cells and vice versa, i.e., the breast cancer frequencies had no effect on the liver cancer cells. This type of selective action is new and noteworthy. Pasche writes that the observed anti-proliferative effect of the EM signals is "robust" — and "exciting." (2).

2.. Microwave News:

Your heart runs on electromagnetic pulses. Your brain runs on electromagnetic pulses. The earth itself has an electromagnetic pulse. There is symbiosis between animals, humans and our planet.

Full Documentary: Resonance-Beings of Frequency

You Can Sense and Perceive the Wave Frequencies

Although archaic science books and old school teachers still teach that there are only five senses, science has proven there are over 20 human senses. One of the 20 senses is magentosense or the ability of people to sense electromagnetic fields. Not as strong as birds and other animals like dolphins, humans still do have a sense of direction. (3)

Why have these developments been swept under the carpet?

Within our post industrial modern civilization, corporations have produced unethicial technologies that interfere with the natural resonances and connections people have with the environment that sustains them. The planet is a living biosphere described in Gaia Theory, that denotes there is a symbiosis between plant, man, animal and environment. We are connected.

What happens when we break those connections with extra radiation, man made waves and frequencies and telecommunications? Perhaps we are finding out that living out of syncronization with our natural state of being is having detrimental effects on mental and physical health culminating in disorders and disease that are exponentially on the rise. No one can perhaps admit there were 'mistakes' made, that we have taken the wrong path. Many are returning to ancient and tribal ways of thinking, that we are symbiotic energetic and spiritual beings indeed connected to everything. It is not pseudoscience, philosophy or myth- it is science fact. How will this change your life?

Perhaps even science is proving that inherent intelligence exists throughout our system and is sensed or identified with mathematics, physics and biology. How much more proof do we need? Perhaps if we require symbiosis with the planet perhaps the planet requires symbiosis with us, too? What if climate change is in fact the result of a lack of symbiosis with us? The connections...they are being broken.

Certainly, no one wants to throw away their cell phones, t.vs, micowaves and lap tops yet. But then it does all come down to personal choice since corporate choice has already told you the way it is going to be regardless of the obvious negative health impacts on your health. It all comes down to personal choice. Whatever you believe in- the evidence and facts are hard proof. You can spend a little more time 'connected' to nature than disconnected. You can choose to defend and protect the only home we will ever know, the only future any of us will ever know...this planet- Earth.

3. Humans have a lot More than Five Senses:

Samsara: We are all Connected

Samsara is a Sanskrit word that means the ever turning wheel of life. This trailer of the documentary films life across 58 countries in our world showing our connectedness.

The time-lapse footage is simply transcendent. Simply astonishing. The richness, depth and clarity of colour and image achieved within the processes utilized gives birth to the most beautiful visual meditation ever witnessed. - IMDb.

Must See!

Claudine L. Fleury



Thanks for visiting this hub, more are to follow. Stay tuned. I welcome all comments and suggestions.


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