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Scientific Palmistry, Read Your Strength

Updated on May 15, 2009

Palmistry, a science or fiction

A true science - You must be aware about reading the lines in hands. It did not give much satisfaction since we just accept them as a pre-existing belief without knowing the science behind it. Although palmistry has not evolved yet as a true science due to its underlying folds of complexity, the basic knowhows about some lines and their characteristics are extrapolated through physiological and medical science only, preferably through neurologic studies.

As per the medical science, palms and toes are connected to almost 80 percent of each individual branchs or sub-branches of nerves system network of a human being. Hardly twenty percent change or evolution of neural network occure throught the life period, which means around eighty percent of whole nervus system gets developed during the pregnancy period in mother's womb. Since the lines in hand are the representation of mental and physical development during and after birth, it more or less signify the mental image, adaptability and physical vigor of a person.

Logical Approach

Sense of science behind lines

Let's not worry about the multitude, branching, crowding, intersecting of lines at the start, rather give emhasis to the depth, straight or curve type of major lines, for the time being say all visible lines. We all now know lines are associated with some properties. As per science, the intensity on a positive scale of those qualities depend on the thickness and straight-ness of lines.

  • If lines are straight or traced in a very freehand slope manner, the respective qualities associated with the particular line are more sharp and intense.
  • If the lines are hazy and branched rather than a singular structure, this indicates the biological energy (both mental or physical) associated with the lines are not streamlined, rather the effect of the intended energy in association is distributed through sprouted channels, effectively weakening the strength of lines.
  • If there is any sharp break along the path of a line, it indicates the obstruction in the flow of energy from its desired way for some period. The continuation of the line after the break shows again the usual behavior as existing before. Off course the break does not imply the total drainage of associated energy rather its use for some other unintended purpose.

Lines, lines,lines

Knowing the Geography of Hand

Dividing the Palm

You will look some bulging, fleshy pad like development in the palm beneath fingers and at the region connecting the little finger to wrist. Generally speaking these fleshy developments are located at the peripheral area of palm, which are nothing but called mounds, implying the literal meaning too. As the structure itself says, these are the storehouse of energy from vital celestial or planetary effect as well as from some metabolic activities of biological organs.

Naming the mounds

As we know the base of each finger represents a mound. So they are names as for

Little finger or pinky- Mound of mercury ,Ring finger- Mound of sun, Middle finger- Mound of saturn, Index finger- Mound of Jupiter, Thumb- Mound of venus. Inner Palm- Mound of moon.

What you can predict from these mounds

Depending on the characteristics associated with these celestial bodies, the mound are studied. If the mounds are well developed, fleshy and distinctively bulgy in appearance, they signify the strength and positive aspects of acquired energy. The properties of different bodies as related to mounds-

Mercury- Creativity, Intelligentsia, Art, Healing effect

Sun- Poplularity, Pride, Fame,

Saturn-Physical appearance, Stubbornness, Appetite, Dogmatic

Jupiter-Elegance, Beauty and texture, Calm, extrovert,

Venus- Physical stamina, energy and sex.

Moon- Feminie, Artistic, soberness.


An Important Information About TIME or DURATION

Sometimes its surprising how people speaks about the time, the past happenings and future predictions referring to some year. This is very simple. As from the figure it is assumed for the time being that we know about the four major long lines of the hand, named as the heart line, the head line, the luck line and the life line. The HEART LINE starts beneath the little finger and traverse towards the base of index or middle finger or ends somewhere in between them. The HEAD LINE starts in between the base of index and thumb area and move towards the inside of palm. The LUCK LINE starts from near the wrist and extends towards middle or index finger. LIFE LINE starts in the region between the base of thumb and index finger and extends towards base of the palm.

Explore now with the figures


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