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Scoring high in the CBSE exams

Updated on February 23, 2011

CBSE exams are like a mad rat race many a time for students. It is important to figure out what works best when it comes to these and also to understand how important it is to revise, read beforehand and be comfortable with the portions well before the exam date.

There are essential steps that must be completed in order to perform well when the exams come around. The first step is to ensure that the student knows how the examination format will be as well as the chapter wise weight age for the subject.This will ensure that preparations will be made bearing in mind the upcoming examinations.

The next step is to work out a strategy to cover the syllabus completely. Time is of the essence and not a leisure that can be taken lightly. The sooner you understand that the time you waste will be reason for regret, the better you can perform in the exams.

Once you know what to learn and have a method in place to cover it, the next step is to identify important questions that have been asked repeatedly on a certain topic. This will not only acquaint you with questions asked during exams but will also teach you to work your way through those questions competently so as to score maximum.

They say practice makes perfect, every student will want to score high and be the top scorer in a subject. It is of course unreasonable that all will reach the top categories. Keeping this in mind, you will have to work your way through the portions wherein your ultimate aim is to achieve the targets you have set for yourself. The rest of the accolades and success will come to you on its own.

Scoring high in CBSE exams also involves being able to identify which are the subjects you find difficult to score in or cope with. Ensure that you pick out those subjects first so that you eliminate the weaker areas early on in the learning. This will also free your mind to focus better on the upcoming examinations.

Once you have identified your strong and weak areas you can also opt for additional resources in the subjects where you require assistance. The advancement of technology has brought about a number of choices such as educational CD's, online tutoring services, homework help and much more for students to learn at their own convenience.


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