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Scottish Wildcat, an endangered species

Updated on December 27, 2015

Scottish Wildcats are one of thee most endangered species on the British Isles. It is estimated that there are fewer than 100 Scottish Wildcats living in the wild. In the Scottish Highlands. Because, of so few numbers, 100, the Scottish Wildcat is not just endangered, but critically endangered.

Being critically endangered means that this animal is at an extremely high risk of becoming extinct in the wild in the near future. There are several reasons as to why this beautiful and elusive animal is near extinct in the wild. These reasons are as follows:

O. Man. One of the reasons for the Scottish Wildcat being endangered is because of us. Road traffic deaths are a main reason for the decline of the Scottish Wildcat.

O. Breeding with domestic cats.

O. Loss of habitat. Again. This one is related to man. The more humans beings there are on the planet, the more we are destroying nature, and crushing it's very existence, not just in the UK, but around the World nature faces the same problems.

Some facts about the Scottish Wildcat:

Scottish Wildcats are shy.

They are nocturnal: they come out at night.

They are very agile climbers.

The Scottish Wildcat mates in mid-winter.

The Scottish Wildcat is in immediate need for conservation protection, so why is the Scottish government not making it's priority to support great charity's which are trying to conserve these animals, rather than focusing their energy on Panda's?

This is not an argument which is saying that the conservation of Panda's is not important, far from it. However, it is an argument to say that this majestic animal is in need of help from the Scottish government because, a) there are fewer wildcats in the wild, than there are pandas in the wild, b) the Scottish Wildcat is lesser known as an endangered species, than the panda, and, c) if the Scottish people will not save the Scottish Wildcat, then who will?

So, what's next for the Scottish Wildcat?

It is up to us to save the Scottish Wildcat;and that help is vital to the future of the Scottish Wildcat. Especially since there is as much (which is still very alarming) around 400 Scottish Wildcats left in the wild, however, some conservationists think there are as little as around 45 Scottish Wildcats left.

They are, along with the Fox, one of the last remaining large mammal predators left in the UK. Without the Scottish Wildcat, we have only the Fox, and some smaller carnivorous mammals.


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