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Secret of Passing Examinations

Updated on May 12, 2011


It has been observed that the lackadaisical attitude exhibited by most students is the major impediment that is affecting their coming out successful in their examinations.This article therefore tends to enumerate the reasons for failing examinations and suggested tips that will assist in passing examinations if well followed.


Oxford Advance Learner's dictionary defines secrets as that which is not known or seen or must not be known or seen by others, not declared or admitted to others. It can also be described as the best or only way of doing or achieving something that not many people know.


This can be best defined as moving in specified direction, that is moving forward from one position to the other.


In a broad perspective examination is an instrument for testing, assessment, evaluation and accreditation. It is used for the purpose of selection,placement, certification and promotion as the case may be.

Reasons Why students Fail Examination

There are discernible reasons why many students fail examination, some of these reasons are highlighted as follows:

a. Inadequate Preparation

Many students do not make noticeable preparation towards their examination until some few days or when the timetable for such examination is out.

b. Inappropriate Study Habits

It has been observed also that many students are still adopting old or obsolete methods of testing and test preparation, those that are not compatible with good study habits, some of these bad habits are:

i. Cramming: Cramming does not work. It often proves unsuccessful for the simple fact that its easy leads the student in question to write off point the required answer of the examiner.

ii. Passive Learning: Another way in which the adequacy of a student preparation is undermined is by the way in which the student engaged in passive study. Most student read past marking schemes in one or more times alone believing this will assist them in passing their examination very well. Study has shown, that a more "active" learning approach results in greater learning. Some students even regards themselves as having a magnetic brain with a very high retentive ability, but many students have been proved wrong by the outcome of the examination report.

c. Unproductive Examination Anxiety

A little anxiety is a good thing as it keeps one motivated and alert. Too much, however, may result in dysfunction. In some cases a well prepared student with brilliant study habits may be destabilized if such student is too anxious to sit down and coordinate his presentation during the examination time. Most of the time this is due to fear of failing the examination.

d. Lack of Request Approach to Answering Question

The ignorance of students on the appropriate approach to be adopted in answering the examination question accordingly is another major problem that is militating against success in examinations.

The Way Out

The following tips will assist student in passing any kind of Examination:

a. Adequate Preparation

Examination is not the test of things read when the examination time table comes out but accumulation of what is being learnt with time. In a nutshell, preparation for examination should be every time not a specific time. Student should try to increase their knowledge database with at least gain one new thing per day. Some other tips that will help personnel to adequately prepare well for examination are:

i. Sleep Well

Do not work all night, you need at least six (6) hours of sleep in order to start afresh.

ii. Eat Well

Eating a proper meal at regular times is very important. Eating properly would ensure you have enough energy to tackle your daily studies.

iii. Talk To Someone

If examination preparation or the thinking of the examinations are really making any student ill, worried or depressed, don't hide your feelings. Talk to someone about it. As a problem shared is a problem halved.

iv. Take Breaks

The concentration span of a human being is forty five (45) minutes at a time. So don't task yourself by trying to cram as much information as possible for hours. When your mind is saturated with information, whether you putin one hour or ten, it does not make a difference nothing will go in.

v. Know your Peak

Choose a time of the day when you feel most comfortable studying. It could be morning, late at night or in the afternoon, depending on your preference.

vi. Plan your Day

Try to establish a routine that allows time for meals, sleep, revising and relaxing. And your revision must be at times when you will work at your best.

vii. Exercise

You need to exercise your body so as to have a perfect physical and mental alertness, that will help in passing examination.

viii. Stop thinking and worrying about the examination or what will happen; always be optimistic and your spirit will flow in that direction of success.

b. Adopt Good study habits

Cramming should not be adopted as a means of passing examination and study materials should not be narrowed down to few materials but the student should endeavour to read wide enough to cover all that is required for pass the examination in question.

c. Adopt the Right Approach

Any student or candidate in any examination should try to know what the examiner or the examination is required because there are uniqueness is some examination as all examinations are not same.

d. Calming Down in the Examination Hall

Anxiety should be reduced to the bearest minimum by any examination candidate, so as not to affect their concentration and coordination. This has to do with the psychological balance of the student. It is advised that all students should conquer the examination fear and not to allow the examination to conquer them; this will be achieved by being calm and optimistic about the examination.

Conclusively, any examination should not be a stumbling block to any student but rather a way to achieve more success, therefore all examination candidates should take any thing called examination serious and prepare by adopting a good study habits and sky will be their beginning when it comes to excelling.



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    • profile image

      tare 7 months ago

      tanks about your advise let me start no

    • profile image

      kelvin.frm kianyaga high 19 months ago

      The tips sound briliant,i will put them in practice

    • profile image

      Arnold Muthui 19 months ago

      Thank you for the tips.They have really helped me

    • profile image

      Antony mumo 2 years ago

      Surely gonnna be ready for deh exam here i come KCPE be ready for me thanx absalutely no reason to fail at all

    • profile image

      Celine mumbi kingori 2 years ago

      Am a form four cadidate and i promise to follow and do as advised am expecting my kcse exams next month

    • profile image

      samuel m njoroge 2 years ago

      no reson to fail at all

    • profile image

      alex kush 2 years ago

      thanks for the advice

    • profile image

      hamida ahmed 2 years ago

      Best plan ever

    • profile image

      shaaban de santos 3 years ago

      wow now i knw enxz for zat!!

    • profile image

      Ronoh Wycliffe 3 years ago

      These are the right tips for passing examinations..success to every individual is by going through all these and taking it seriously

    • profile image

      DrJBaumgardt 3 years ago

      For referencing purposes, it is important to give both your first name and your surname. I have a student who has referenced this article and need both.

    • profile image

      Alfredies 3 years ago

      I am very pleased with ur advo it is very wondeful

    • profile image

      DODO FODIO BARAN 3 years ago

      that is a wonderful tips most students fail exams because of ignorance

    • profile image

      marie jocoline 3 years ago

      Thanks very my much for your tips.....they are helpful

    • profile image

      Shivangi Singh 3 years ago

      Thanks for ur helpful advice ....

    • profile image

      marbella ikpeba. 3 years ago

      Thank u for the advice I am going to adopt it

    • profile image

      Wendy 3 years ago

      thanks for the tips i will try to use them

    • profile image

      dolly 3 years ago

      thanks a lot

    • profile image

      teddy 5 years ago

      Thanks really helps I am now top.from mt Sinai cm I school nbi Kenya

    • profile image

      DERRICK 5 years ago

      Realy helping me. I GOT SOME COURAGE RIGHT NOW.

    • profile image

      emmiepoet 5 years ago

      thanx bt God first......and if u choz a specific place to study

    • profile image

      eddybrown 5 years ago

      the comments are so inspiring.may you continue advising more about education since it helps a lot of people including me

    • profile image

      issac 5 years ago

      they have really helped me

    • profile image

      saina 5 years ago

      thanks for giving me this exellent tips

    • Maggie Bennett profile image

      Maggie Bennett 5 years ago from New York

      You give some excellent tips here. Nice work.

    • profile image

      namit 5 years ago

      everytime i go to examination hall i cant remember anything

    • profile image

      Hassan mohamed 5 years ago

      Thanx 4 ur assistance nw i could nt think if i could fail my exam..........

    • profile image

      maryanne 5 years ago

      ur page really hlpd thank you

    • profile image

      Tariq Hussain Akhoon 5 years ago

      thank you for giving this valuable information through this article reharding secret of success of examination!

    • profile image

      Constant nere 6 years ago

      I find it very halpfulll...thankyou now i can manage my examss.

    • profile image

      durga dilusha 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Bassey faith 6 years ago

      Thanks those info were tremendiously good

    • profile image

      Faith marian lzuagie 6 years ago

      Tanx for d piece of advice.l think l will not only pass my exams next time but all so with a pleace of mind.God bless u

    • profile image

      Benjamin otieno 6 years ago

      I think av realy gained a lot be blessed

    • profile image

      OLUWASOLA DARE. 6 years ago

      God wishly bless 4 ur gud advice not only but an intelligent way of helping students to learn harder in order passing their examinatiom.i may not come to this page but wil lyk u to add me on facebook(DARE FELIX)( that you and i chat in order to help me nd worldwide lead an intelligent way of passing every examination.i will also you to spend this time of mine to say great thank to you.YOU ARE BLESS WITH WISDOM TO HELP US MORE!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Godwin scarface 6 years ago

      Tanx for tha superv piece nw i would nt fail any exam..#WINKS

    • profile image

      Joseph bayene 6 years ago

      Thank you for the tips and am sure i will pass my exams.

    • profile image

      Christiana Essien 6 years ago

      Ur piece is jst so motivational,dis is wat i av always needed.tanks,God bless u

    • profile image

      samuel forte 6 years ago

      study the right way and stop thinking about the examinations and u will be sucessful

    • profile image

      Oyedele Olumayowa 6 years ago

      Talking with God in prayers is also important, because without God all your effort may be in vain, pray concerning the examination you may want to do that God should crown all your effort with success and He will answer you.

    • profile image

      kriti 6 years ago

      Examination concist the mankind of the human

    • profile image

      EVANS BULALI 6 years ago

      Wat a brilliant and superb message..theaz no reason to fail your exams

    • profile image

      Praveen Sharma 6 years ago

      Great tips for students who really wants to pass any exam, because these are the basic fundamentals of a student life, if anybody follow these principles, he will never fail in any kind of examination. Once again i am appreciating your great job. Thanks Buddy...:):)

    • profile image

      derrick 6 years ago

      nice work

    • Phemephe profile image

      Phemephe 7 years ago from Abuja

      If you perform below expectation in the first exam.I will advise you to think less about the past and face the future. This is because if you don't do away with the memory of the past you are going to have a lot of headache after the whole exam. Pretend as if all is well and face the next exam with more vigor and determination to succeed. Best of Luck!

    • profile image

      raj  7 years ago

      wat if first of ur exams go bad due to fear! how to set urself psychologically for the rest of the exam!

    • profile image

      emmanuel akoto 7 years ago

      i do not think a student reading and applying these principles of passing an exams, should fail in his or her is really nice for a student to pas his or her exams. i am a student of the TEMA METHODIST DAY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL.

    • profile image

      Peter Irons 8 years ago

      From my experience teaching for over 30years. a great many people simply fond it really hard to study/read., For many it simply hurts they eyes or is just to slow. The slowest 16 year olds takleabout three times longer to read an exam question compare dwith the fastest. And the examinations can be very tiring.

    • profile image

      sikaz 10 years ago

      Think indeed is a well detailed job.It's commendable.

      Thank you .I assure you that it would be used for my students

      when l get back to the classroom this week.

    • jollytan profile image

      jollytan 10 years ago from Singapore

      Phemephe. This is great information. Thank you for sharing.


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