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Secrets to Faster Learning

Updated on December 5, 2010

Learn Things Fast and Remember

Working in surgery for a long time sort of forced me to learn things at maybe a faster rate than some people might have had to learn them. Working as a surgical technician not only requires you to master your job but in reality you may have to do the surgeons job. Yes I have done the surgeons job reluctantly.

Anyway if you want to absorb a bunch of information you sort of have to know how you best learn something. For me I like to read the information over then I visualize the pamphlet or article in my head.I do this so I can re read it later.

You may think that this method is crazy, but your mind thinks in pictures. If you are tring to think of something What do you do?

You visualize!

Sure its easy!

You are doing it all the time anyway and probably dont realize it. We all are.

You are not going to tell me you are looking things up in a file cabinet in your head ? Are you? No!

So to accelerate this process I use what I call re runs.

Yes you can remember all the episodes of your favorite TV show right. Yah Re runs.

Yes if you are tiring to remember highly technical information you will have to get really good at this.

Its not like you have to start doing anything new

You just need to become more aware of whats happening in your brain. You know that pictures that are flying around all the time. Movies Weeee!

The re runs of your life.

Employ your bean (nugget) or brain as some call it.

Use its natural ability to create wonderful colorful pictures of your whole life! Ok It already does that by itself.

See most of the work is already done.

After you practice focusing on things you want to recall you will not really have to see every page of the book you want to remember or every part of a teachers lecture in your mind.

But once you start using almost any re run technique you will be able to learn and retain things better.

I know that our minds are capable of amazing things, it really doesn't always matter how smart you are, it matters where your heart is at.

I hope this is helpful, This re run method has been the most valuable tool that I have ever learned to excel in Martial Arts , Surfing , Music Etc Etc.

I didn't invent it but I have shared it with 100s of people over the years. We have had plenty of fun with it as you can to.

I also use a herb Gotu Kola that has really helped to accelerate my learning curve and also to recall things short term and long term.


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  • LivingFood profile image

    LivingFood 6 years ago

    I agree with you, the more senses we apply the more we will remember. Thanks for the great tip!

  • profile image

    Marcella Glenn 7 years ago from PA

    Your hub was very useful. I'm going to try it.