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Seeking Positive Change is Letting go of the Past Negative Experiences!

Updated on February 22, 2016

Positive Change Requires Determination to Start-over!

Assessing your Current Emotional Intelligence!

All living inhabitants of planet earth experience change both positively and negatively. Mankind has an advantage of a degree of choice to influence his life through learning and being aware of predominant thoughts and feelings which are the deciding factors of life experiences.

What is a Positive Change!

Change is dynamic and is part of our make-up: From conception to birth a lot of change has occurred and the birth experience is another chapter that changed your world. In infancy you were subjected to both positive and negative experiences and the subconscious mind has filed all that information. In adulthood you discovered things you dislike and feel you must get rid of in order to experience more joy and peace; this is the change you are seeking. Change therefore requires your conscious decision and effort to bring about positive experiences because all negative thoughts are queuing and can only be overridden with a large dose of positive energy. Positive change comes with learning to generate sustainable positive energy by being consciously loving, joyful, patient, grateful and companionate to self and others. These are important ingredients for creating ideal environment for positive change because your thoughts and feelings recur as your life experiences.

What is the Past?

The past is a series of both good and bad life experiences since you became a living being. Those seemingly small incidents which include delays in changing your nappy and feeding you, have created your world of discomfort which manifested as being fearful and insecure about accessing resources:

  1. The fixation of insecurity during socialization which had resulted in the fear of not having access to resources that will change your life from lack to prosperity. This kind of fear also affected your self esteem and had reinforced the feeling of lack and contributed to negative relationship with money.
  2. The fixation of emotional insecurity which will contribute to relationships issues as an adult seeking a life partner because you have probably interpreted those nappies and feeding delays as withholding love. These feelings had become your perception of the world and therefore have continually been so because whatever you fear and resist will persist.
  3. The past is everything that you have experienced even if you are not aware of them. The subconscious mind is efficient in retaining information; nothing that happened to you go away unless is intentionally deleted. This is the main reason for your burning need for the change.

How to Seek Positive Change!

The universe is a positive energy. It is mandatory to learn the natural laws to be able to align to it and experience its positive response as follows:

  1. Learn the concept of sowing and reaping: You will experience love because you have given love first.
  2. Prosperity is a response to love: You will receive exactly the measure of what you have given. You have been given ability to create wealth by identifying your given social and spiritual gifts. According to the Law of Cause and Effect, mobility or response will always be equal to the amount of force applied to move a stationary object.
  3. You need to change evil with good: The social justice has conformed to this truth. Those who have committed crime are being rehabilitated through non-formal classed and empowered with skills to prepare them to change their negative previous experiences.
  4. Your mind is a battle you have to conquer: You may not remember things that have caused havoc in your life; nonetheless you can decide to override them by learning to generate positive energy consistently. It has been established by quantum physicist that positive emotion is far more powerful than a negative one. This means you cannot stop thinking about negative things, but you can learn to be present – being aware of your thoughts and feelings - so that you can immediately intercept negative ones. This is a life-long learning you can decide to adopt now.
  5. The principle of changing: Learn to stir your thoughts towards your identified goals and let your consciousness be saturated by the feeling of having attained your goals to generate joy and excitement. Be like a child; they readily respond to their imagination and also believe that the promises will be fulfilled. The Creator advises us to believe that, that which we have asked is already given and it shall manifest because we have already demonstrated faith and gratitude which are byproducts of love.

Taking control of your life is a fundamental personal obligation to bring about positive change through learning to be conscious of the nature of your thoughts and feelings and by responding and not reacting to challenging situations. It requires purposeful evaluation of the current direction of personal life in order to learn about all tools that will bring positive change. It is a life journey that only you have to finish!

Self-empowerment Transcend the Grave!

Helpful Tools for Self-Empowerment!

I do not know about you, I know there is nobody who knows me more than myself; I therefore need to rewrite my life story from subjective point of view. I have come across many young people whose parents thought were not classroom material because of low grades over a period of primary education. These youngsters were derailed by repressed hurtful emotions which manifested in undesirable behaviors. After preliminary assessment and referral to specialized service providers, they discovered their interests to learn and even wrote their personal goals unaided. One is now doing diploma in business studies and is looking forward to finish Bachelor of Commerce at the National University of Lesotho.

My point is, most of the people in jails for various offenses would have avoided that unpleasant route of being a societal thorns had help came in time especially during teen years. I am therefore advocating for personal introspection which would enable you to look at your current trend and turn your ship in a route that will take you to your desired destination. How do you achieve that? Google self-help and simply read through until you find the type that will trigger a desire to know more. Secondly, find a coach to help you reach your personal goal. Never fear to should for help. Let someone show you how to fish. You owe it to yourself to explore your inner space and reconfigure yourself through yoga and any programs that encourage you to seek wisdom from within. The inner you is the real you and at this realm you will access your ability to see and feel a new you! The first step is to make a decision to start-over a new life and affirm your strengths until you believe in yourself.

Clear the Clutter and Find the Real You!

Explore your Capacity to Change your Life!

When I first started the journey of discovery, I thought I needed someone to teach me how to meditate of positive thoughts about me. I then discovered that I already know how to meditate; except that it has been in the negative, brooding over unpleasant experiences. Most people are half conscious of what they are doing whenever they are engaging in routine type of task because their minds are miles away. Meditation for the positive change denotes focusing on your finished goals in order to maintain enthusiasm and accelerate manifestation through imagination. It is using the mind for your benefit rather than allowing it to torture you and perpetrate the tendency to go on auto-pilot mode without your intention. It is teaching your mind to obey you; the spiritual you!


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