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Reason for Negative Emotion

Updated on September 9, 2015

Defeat Our Enemy Within Us

Anger, guilt, envy are the main reasons of negative emotions of dissatisfaction with self. Anger in self and jealousy are the main reasons of negative emotions because we have not got what others have and that have been desire since ages within us. it is not wrong to have desire but once acted upon then it can be devastating, destructive. favouritism too is not in a good book of psychology. when we see our elders or mentors favourites, blood is on boil and thoughts of revenge are evoked.

Let us forget about negativity related to these negative emotions. Lets think about consequences in positive way. It can happen we move towards constructive way, we take it as a challenge and work hard and smart to get into good books of ethics and morality. This thought of positivity can make us achieve a sky.

It is all about balancing.We don't need too much space to entertain negative thoughts. Instead of corrupting our mind with negative revenge, Let us think how we can work for growth of ourself and show to our rival our heights of courage and balance of mind. This can be a defeat of our enemy residing in our mind.


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