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Self Improvement Tips And Books Accelerate Your Future

Updated on August 18, 2010

Self Improvement Tips - Image

Image With A Self Improvement Tip I Think About!
Image With A Self Improvement Tip I Think About!

Life is cause and affect, where one thing, can and will lead to another. Some may call it fate or karma, regardless of how you describe it, it is at the core of our very existence. Rather than locking your self up inside your cage of anxieties and crying over previous heartaches, shame and disappointments, treat them as your life teachers, so they can become your own methods both in self improvement and accomplishment.

 I recall seeing Patch Adams, one of my personal favorite movies. It's one amazing motion picture that can help you to strengthen your self. Hunter “Patch” Adams is a medical student that was unable to make it through the board examinations. After months of struggling with sadness, depression and suicide attempts, he chose to look for medical attention and voluntarily admitted himself into psychiatric ward.  His many weeks of living at a medical facility brought him to meeting different types of people. Sick individuals for that matter. Patch discovered means of treating his personal condition, and ultimately understood he needed to get back on the right track. He woke up one particular morning, noticing that after all the failure and pains that he experienced, he still wanted to become a doctor. He contains within himself a positive frame of mind,  of which produced self improvement and success. He not only improved on himself, but likewise the life of the people surrounding him, as well as the quality of life at the hospital. Does he succeed? Needless to say, he became the finest doctor the nation had ever known.

So, when does self improvement become interchangeable with achievement? Exactly where do all of us start? Here are a few self improvement tips for you…

* Quit thinking and feeling as though you are a failure, because you’re not. How will others accept you, if YOU, cannot accept YOU?

* If you notice good looking Men or Women on Television, think more about your own self improvement, not personal pitying. Self approval isn't about obtaining more toned thighs, or amazing abdominal muscles, just focus on your inner beauty and seeing the best YOU, that you ARE!

* When others really feel down and out about themselves, help them out and motivate them. Don’t get down like them. Inspiring others well give you a sense of self worth.

* The entire world is really a huge environment for lessons, not mistakes (or missed takes). Never feel foolish and condemned forever to failure, simply because you were unsuccessful on a task. There’s always a next time.

 * Make room for self improvement daily, perfection is just an illusion.
* Self improvement brings about an inner balance, character improvement and get this …. SUCCESS. It occurs through self-confidence, self appreciation and also self esteem.
* Set meaningful and attainable goals.
* Little things, really do mean a lot! Frequently, many of us don't understand that the small things which we do for others such as a pat on the back, saying “hi” or “hello”, greeting someone “good day” or telling Mrs. Jones from Apt 205 something like “Hey, I really dig your dress!” Are simple actions that will mean so much to other folks. 

 * Even though you’re prepared to accept change and undergo the process of self improvement, it doesn't mean that other people are. The world is a place where men and women of numerous ideals and frame of minds reside. Often, even though you believe that you and your best friend are Siamese twins, doing the same things together all the time, he or she might be offended if you tell them they need a bit of self improvement. Be an example for your friends and family to respect and want to immolate on their own.
Always keep in mind that there’s no such thing as ‘over night success’. Your personal growth just like your age or wine, will only get better with time!

Great Self Improvement Tips, Books and Products


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