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Unbelievable!! Sex transmutation leads to success.

Updated on May 23, 2016

Sex is one of the most powerful emotions humans experience. Most of our actions are motivated by this powerful instinct. When we are sexually driven, we can risk everything including our lives. History is full of people who became irrational because of sex. Their irrationality either resulted in drama or in unparalleled achievements. Most of us don’t know that we can exploit the power of this driving force to create and manifest things of great importance to us. In his book “think and grow rich”, Napoleon Hill says, “The emotion of sex has back of it the possibility of three constructive potentialities, they are:—

  1. The perpetuation of mankind.
  2. The maintenance of health, (as a therapeutic agency, it has no equal).
  3. The transformation of mediocrity into genius through transmutation.

I think everybody knows that sex perpetuates mankind and is good for our health. However, what most people ignore is the third function, namely the transformation of mediocrity through transmutation. What does sex transmutation mean? Can really sex change a person from mediocre to a genius? If yes, how?

Sex transmutation can be defined as the deliberate act of saving sexual energy for other purposes other than the sexual contact. It also means the exploitation of the power of the emotion of sex to create great achievements. Instead of dissipating our energy in overindulging in sex, we have to harness it, put it under control and channel into in other outlets. Napoleon Hill points out in his book to the fact that many people, throughout history, managed to make use of their sex emotion and made unprecedented contributions and achievements in different domains and callings such as: literature and science.

It’s very clear in our everyday life that sex is a powerful motivator. I know many people whose life changed dramatically because of a partner. When motivated and driven by sex or love, people become unstoppable and ready to do everything in order to satisfy that desire. There are some people who resort to plastic surgeries to change their appearance so as to attract specific people. There are others who changed their destinies to sexually appeal to other partners. I think the intensity and power of this emotion is very obvious in our everyday experience.

Sex is the essence of life; it is the emotion that keeps life goes on. Apart from giving birth to life, it can give birth to everything including artistic expressions and great achievements. To make use of this power, we have to resort to sex transmutation, which we already defined and which doesn’t mean giving up sexual activity. Rather, it simply means using it in moderation and avoiding excessively engaging in it; it is very common among people that overindulgence in drugs and alcohol is detrimental to our wellbeing, but it’s uncommon that overindulgence in sex is not good too. When we abuse sex, we dissipate our energy and become unfocussed and de-motivated about life in general. When we use sex moderately, we save a lot of energy which we can channel to create anything that we truly desire.

At the end, I would like to point out that sex is a sweet emotion that we shouldn’t stifle or eliminate, but we should consider exploiting its intensity and power for our benefit to create our desires as Napoleon Hill Says “The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind, and spirit of man. If not given this form of outlet, through transmutation, it will seek outlets through purely physical channels.”


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