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The Benefits of Letting Go.

Updated on July 29, 2017

Peace Of Mind, Anyone?

Connect to the Source of All Things
Connect to the Source of All Things | Source

The Truth it may Hurt but it's Never Wrong!

Ultimately Life is short, so we Must Enjoy Every Moment that we (as in Humanity) can! Whether it is Love, Happiness, Family, Friends or even Vacations! We must all Learn to Live in the Moment or the "Now" right now, because we will never get these moments back. Life is not measured by the number of breathe we take rather by the moments that take our breathe away! To live in the "Now," this is an important statement. Sure things may be tough but like all things and the tough times will disappear. Eventually easier days will follow but if you hold on to tight to the rough days, how can you enjoy the easier days? You can't, its like try to drive your car going forward looking through the rear mirror; all you can see is what's behind you!

Does anyone like the pain of being broken-hearted, a paper cut or the pain of isolation? No unless you aren't human, naturally we are social creatures and we need to interact with each other. But how is this done without hurting someone in the process? Well there isn't an easy answer but there are possibilies to explore. One must realize that not everyone is the same, some people love to step on the toes of other's, some like to crush there dreams and the hopes of the little guy. This is a horrible truth, like with every attack there is a counter for it.

The Power of Letting Go is simply giving your self some breathing room or better yet, allowing other's to "fail" you, without reacting to their failure! This will take practice and patience but in the end this person will be much stronger and able to understand people much better afterwards! Many people hold issues to close to themselves and don't know how to forgive but may actually want to. Once you have messed-up, you're always messed-up and that's not okay. I am sure that I don't need to go into details because everyone has experienced this, one way or another, whether at work, home or in relationships. Now if you are able to let people "fail" you, generally they will grow themselves and learn from their mistakes. Believe me this takes some serious practice because you don't want to build a wall and become unapproachable, remember, we (as in Humanity) are naturally social creatures.

The Secret to Letting Go is the ability to have peace of mind, know how to reduce the stress of one's self, remain approachable and be understanding. This allows you to become a "people" person, embrace change, to forgive and forget. Your Past has allowed you to become the person you are today and help you to understand those who are going through what you went through and be able to help them not to make the same mistakes. By helping people this gives you peace of mind and allows you to reduce your stress levels using an outlet for your stress, other then the misuse or the treatment of people (exercise and laughter are the best). If you can be understanding, have peace of mind and are able reduce stress, that in it self will keep you approachable and people will continue asking you for help and understanding. Like everything in this world this to is a cycle, Understanding Flows into Peace of Mind, then flows into De-Stress and to Aiding Other's; finally starting all over again! Above all Love your Neighbor as you Love Yourself and you Will Live in Harmony with Other's!!

Better yet, it is always best to "Let Go and Let God!" The Lord God of Heaven Created everything and everyone, so He knows your answers. The question is: Will You Let Him Be Yours?

Embrace your Future, Don't Let Your Past Stop You!


Learn to Connect to the Source of True Peace!!

Let's Dive Deeper into Letting Go.

As with all things, Life is too short to fight over things that do not matter. Whether we realize this or not, everyone on this Planet we call home, Earth has a purpose. Being controlled, told how to live or even being put into a "Box" is not the purpose for our existence. To Love one another, to give freely without expectation is yet another way to experience the benefits of Letting Go! We should not let the little things, like our differences separate us or make enemies because of them. If everyone on the Planet we call Home was the same, there would be no Spice of Life, nor variety in our differences. Each and everyone of us we call Human, makes up the entire Human Race, when are ever going to keep things simple?

Let Go and Let God, Humanity has tried long enough and where has it gotten us as a whole? Maybe more separation, division or divided by classes, or maybe job titles which don't mean a thing. When we die, we can't take those titles, classes or other form of separation with us. We leave all those things which meant nothing behind. Ponder that for a second? We put so much emphasis on this world and this existence, that we neglect what really matters. Family, friendship, worship or time spent with Father God; these things should be held in higher regard than acquiring stuff, money, retirement and pensions. Maybe Letting Go means to pursue those things that matter more, less of the world, and more on things that will last and can be passed on to the next Generations. Well, What If?

Could it really be so simple? Life has been complicated in the way we (Humanity) does things now, "Letting Go" has become essential for day-to-day survival? Even Prayer has become a means for so many to Let Go and Let God. Actually, this is the Best Method! Prayer is simply put, talking to Father God and if Prayer can help you Let Go. Why not do this? The Lord God is always waiting and desiring to hear from us. In general, people want advice, guidance, peace, peace of mind, Love or charity and many of these can't be found in the world or in the workplace. So maybe we really need to ask, seek and knock while the Father can be found. Even the Bible (the Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) states: "Follow me for my Yolk is Light..." I am no expert, but who can't use a life with a much lighter burden or one with much "less" to deal with? I know I can, even I am still learning to Let Go, as well as to ask, seek and knock! I hope you will to!

So together, let's "Let Go and Let God!"

What Should I Use to Let Go?

Which Choice is Best in Letting Go?

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Be At Peace Wherever You Are!!


Living in Harmony with Other's!!

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    • amymarie_5 profile image

      amymarie_5 5 years ago from Chicago IL

      Wonderful advice. I think it is hard for some people, especially sensitive people, to let go of pain but we need to do it in order to be happy. Rated up, useful and interesting.

    • TeamSTM profile image

      TeamSTM 7 years ago

      attemptedhumour, yes it is hard to let go in this fast paced world but with practice this is not impossible though.

      Enjoy your trip to Rio!

    • TeamSTM profile image

      TeamSTM 7 years ago

      cupid51, thanks and I hope you learned something useful!

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 7 years ago from Australia

      Yes, that's it, i'm off to Rio, see you. Wise words though, but it's hard in this busy world isn't it?

    • cupid51 profile image

      cupid51 7 years ago from INDIA

      Very nice and thought provocative hub!