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Laughter..., the Best Medicine!!! :D

Updated on September 18, 2017

The Best Medicine! :D

Loving to Laugh!!
Loving to Laugh!! | Source
Sharing Laughter With Others!!
Sharing Laughter With Others!! | Source

Sharing the Joys of Laughter!

This may seem like a very strange topic in this current "Fast-Paced, High-Stress World We" (as in Humanity) live in, but this is indeed a Highly Important One in my opinion!! Humanity is a species who loves to Laugh, how do I know this? Look at all of the Comedy-TV Shows, Comedy Movies and even the Comedians Humanity has today! Laughter is indeed very infectious and it must be shared with as many people as possible! Besides, Laughter actually engages the whole entire body!!

Every time you Laugh, the "Body" burns about 5 calories, now this might not sound like much. Think about this for a second, have you ever tried to count the number of times you laugh in a day, or during the entire time you are watching something funny? For example if this is 20 times in 30 minutes, that's about 100 calories in half an hour's time! How long are most Funny Movies? About 2 Hours Long!! What happens when you Laugh until your stomach hurts or until you can't breathe for the moment? You guessed it; you have just worked your abs and even strengthened them! This is No Laughing Matter, it's So Serious that you Share as Much Laughter with as Many People as you possibly can!!

When someone laughs, this sends several signals to the Brain and chemicals called Endorphins, which are released throughout the entire body. The more you laugh, the more people in general are able to reduce stress and even relax without ever realizing this. By doing so, this could even cause many people to begin to Cry, While Laughing!! This is when you are Laughing so hard and tears begin to fall!! There is Nothing absolutely wrong with Tears-of-Joy!

Now consider this, how do you feel after a really Good Laughing Fit? I bet you're more Relaxed, at Ease, how about more Peace of Mind or you're just feeling "Really" Good!?! Sometimes all of them at once, basically you feel better then you did before you started Laughing! So get out there, have fun, learn to Laugh and being Laughed at, Laughter is such a wonderful feeling to share!!

So Keep On Laughing, Passing It Along and So Forth!

Share a Smile, Sometimes the Smallest Things Matter Most!!

Nature's Smile
Nature's Smile | Source
Laughing and Smiling
Laughing and Smiling | Source

The Truth on the Goodness of Laughter!

Even the Good Book, the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) states that a Merry-heart does good like a medicine. Or putting this plainly, a Happy Heart is Good to you like Medicine. So how do you acquire a Happy Heart? Laughing and learning to Laugh at yourself is a very good place to start. If you can't Laugh at yourself and the crazy and/or unusual things you do, how can you rightfully Laugh at someone else? What might be a surprise is this, within All of Humanity, "We" are all "Crazy" in our very own unique ways. Some are far more willing to share this with a few, some with many and even some will only share with themselves. There is no wrong way, we all need to Laugh and enjoy the shear pleasures of doing so. It brightens our lives, our world and enriches those around us!

Not to mention, which kind of person would you rather deal with. Someone with anger issues, just "mad" at the world for no apparent reason or people who "love" life? This isn't rocket science, people who love life are far easier to deal with and to get along with as well. It is much easier to ascertain where they're coming from and know your stance with them, which in turn makes your life and time with them less stressful. Which could also lead to more Laughter with one another more likely as well! Laughter around someone who is angry all the time is nearly impossible and I don't recommend trying this, the results are unpredictable. Yes I am speaking from experience however; at some point, even they too need a Laugh or at least a Chuckle. So share the joys, happiness and Laughter with all who will simply enjoy the pleasures of Laughter and a Smile!

Even a Smile can brighten someone's day, there is even "Power" in a Smile! Even babies know how to Smile and even a baby's Smile can brighten an entire room. So what do you think Your Smile can do? Share it and see what may or will more likely happen!! Laugh and Smile more, there are plenty of reasons to share these simple, yet profound gifts.

Life is already serious enough and the best way to Reduce your Levels of Stress within this life, is to just let loose and Laugh. Take a few moments within each day to unwind or unplug, just do something that makes you Laugh until your toes start to wiggle. Much like they did in the days of your youth and did so in your Childhood! Those were the days, always remember them and you will never grow old! Laugh, Smile and Remember the simple Joys of the Days of Childhood! If this doesn't make you Smile, I don't know what will?

Laugh More and Laugh On, its Good For You!!

Ever Wondered Why We Laugh?

© 2010 TeamSTM

Everybody needs a Laugh!!

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    • TeamSTM profile image

      TeamSTM 7 years ago

      Honestly, those are the best laughs because you can't hold them back!

      Thanks attemptedhumour!

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 7 years ago from Australia

      I need to eat more, yes it keeps us healthy especially when we can laugh at ourselves. Great little hub Cheers