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Shell Shocked and Didn’t Even Know It! Part Two of Bulletproof or Shell Shocked

Updated on May 7, 2017
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I have always been a walking Billboard as my youngest son calls me, and this time this one is of Serious importance to all believers!

You might not “FEEL” like you are bulletproof when standing and walking in your Authority of the Spirit, but Trust The Equipment of the Spirit and He will lead, guide, and protect you in all the Truth of His Word!

You might not realize your armor is intact, and may even feel like you are losing the battle. However, others like my friend and other True disciples will see that your armor is intact and will let you know you are only feeling the Darts of the Enemy “Ping” against it, NOT PENETRATING it.

As I alluded to in my First Lesson in this series “Bulletproof or Shell Shocked…here is the Second Lesson I learned through my “Daddy and Me” time on the subject. There are a couple points that I would like to expound upon from the previous lesson as well as give some warning signs that you too might have become “Shell Shocked” and not even know.

  1. “Being manually controlled will cause you to become frozen by fear or what is known as being Shell Shocked by the battle; Which will leave you confused, exposed and vulnerable to the wiles of the enemy!”

Interestingly enough, did you know that you can be Shell Shocked and not even know it? I am here to confide in you that Yes, you can be walking through your everyday life, responding and reacting to your situation as if someone was continually pushing your buttons.

As such, you are actually being “MAN-u-ALLY Controlled by your situation and no longer operating on the Auto-Pilot of the Spirit. Notice how I broke up that word manually, as Man-U-Ally.

Or as I have learned; “Man is your Ally, and you are No longer operating in the Auto-Pilot of the Spirit.”


Auto-Pilot to Shell Shocked happens with ONE decision, ONE sound or One continual nagging question!

The Day Change Came:

The phone call that I had known (more about that in a later teaching) was coming for some time finally came; “Baby, I fell on the job site, I will call you back when they tell me more.” Then an hour later, his job foreman calls me, and tells me “I think you need to get here as quickly as you can, (1-1/2 hour away) he can’t walk and the doctor is trying to release him.”

Immediately after the first call from my husband, I transferred the few thousand dollars that we had managed to save up in our savings account to our brokerage account. My plan was that if something happened, I knew that amount of money was “SEED” money to make the transition into what our life was moving into.

Don’t get me wrong. We had raised 5 kids; we didn’t have a lot of money. But we always tried to live beneath our means, which always seemed to be paycheck to paycheck. But we made it each week! And the lessons learned in the struggle helped pave our transition and we discovered some traps of the enemy along the way.

The biggest of those traps is;

Becoming Shell Shocked by the Noise!

Upon entering CHANGE, the first thing that you notice is that everything become Very Loud, from the hum of the road noise to the hum of the lights and equipment in the emergency room and even outdoors becomes loud to the point that you want to cover your ears for some silence. In the middle of receiving word that not only had Don broken his neck in the fall, it injured his spinal cord in “Starburst” pattern; the calming, angelic voice of your husband’s supervisor looks at you and tells you; “Cammy, breathe and give this 24-48 hours and then let’s see where y’all are at then.”

Once I heard him say those words, I knew in my Spirit or Soul if you will that we had just entered a new dimension to our life. It’s like jumping into a pool of water. You know that point when you jump in you will go underwater so you are holding your breath prior to entering the water.

But what you don’t realize is that when Change comes in life, when your head begins to pop above the flood of life situations, you can still be holding your breath.

While we had our plan in place with “Seed” money to carry on, and it was working as planned, at some point I began taking everything all so seriously. Even to the point of becoming afraid of success.

I literally was tripping over thousands chasing hundreds in our plan all because I was being Man-u-ally controlled by our current situation, and not allowing the Auto-Pilot of our life remain the Auto-Pilot as He (The Spirit of God) was in the beginning of our life changing event.

Symptom of Not Breathing through the Changes of Life:

Look around you, the symptoms of not breathing through the changes of life are all around us. Anger, hate, short-tempered, and the one that tried to trap me in for a time… No sense of humor about our situation. I had maintained my sense of humor in the beginning, but at some point (which I discovered later, and is for another lesson) I lost my sense of humor about our New Life after the change, and began taking myself our situation and everything about our life Way To Seriously.

I found myself unable to laugh at our situational events since the change, and became very focused on what we were gonna do next, instead of enjoying each moment and situational event as they came.

One of the biggest signs that you might not be breathing through your life, is you have lost whatever sense of humor you had prior, and you begin taking your situation and yourself way to seriously.

Where I had gotten stuck in the trap of enemy wasn’t because we had a plan and “seed” money, but when I began holding on so tightly to working it. Like I said before, I was tripping over thousands chasing hundreds that I began holding my breath through the situational events of our New Life after the change.

Could it be that what we are seeing in today’s society is far too many of us have become Shell Shocked by the Events of Today?

Have many forgotten to breathe through the changes that shape our culture, lives and society today?

Now ask yourself…Where am I taking all this “stuff” way to seriously and need to learn how to breathe Through Them?

© 2017 Cammy Walters


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