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Short introduction to NLP

Updated on February 15, 2013

Too many people are asking themselves “What is NLP?”. Well, this question can’t be answered with a simple answer because NLP is a wide area who can be divided into more and more sub-areas to talk about. This time I will try to make you understand the idea of NLP with few words in five simple articles, so everybody could understand.

Starting with this article, continuing with “How NLP influences your personal development”, “You and about you”, “Conscious and subconscious” and ending with “Your action plan” you will find more about how you can develop yourself in a proper way so you can have immediate results.

NLP is an abbreviation and it stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. What does this means? Well Neuro comes from neurology and it means how our mind works and how our thoughts are structured, Linguistic comes from what we say and how our words can affect us and Programming is all about ordering our actions in the purpose of achieving our objectives.

NLP studies everything that is exceptional from unordinary people to high-level companies and how they can have results. All the studied techniques can be delivered further so everybody else will have access to them. For using all those techniques, NLP studies the way we structure our experiences and how we create our emotional intelligence – this is like when we are creating an inner world as a result of the experiences that make sense in our life, so NLP does the study from inside to outside and this is a thinking outside the box way.

How all this things began? At first NLP has been studying the greatest speakers in the world in the purpose of finding a communication system about human interactions. All those have evolved and all the instruments that a speaker possesses are now used all around the world in education, justice, sales, businesses and even sport. Besides all these techniques NLP is more, it is about being curious, creative and interested to discover new things in your life, NLP is the road that can change your life into something better.

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As already stated above, there will be more articles on this theme, so stay tuned.


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    • HeapThreads profile image

      Heap Threads 3 years ago from Birmingham, Alabma

      This was a very interesting read! I intend to follow you and read your other articles. Thanks again.