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Short school

Updated on April 18, 2010

Shorter school days make one more eager...

How would You like school which would be for 3-4 hours a day with the following rhythm: 5 days school, 3 days off, 4 days school, 3 days off, 3 days school, two weeks off and then start again?

It might be possible to make the school years much shorter. And much more efficient.

Eager pupils study in much more effective ways. After all people want to learn SOMETHING, so a little bit of interesting motivated kind of school would just add to life! And with fresh eyes you notice much more than when tired... The long pauses could make one wait for the next lessons. And one could do lots of practical kinds of things in the meanwhile: two weeks farming, weekends off. A week on a riding camp. Sports, arts, anything!

The structure of lessons

Say that You would have almost the whole first day history lessons. Then on the second day mainly mother tongue and a history group project. Then on the third day some more history lessons of a neighbouring subject. Continue with drawing, mother tongue and a short compact piece of history. On the fift day some kind of conclusion, a holistic view about the role of such things in the world plus some planning for the future.

You could know beforehand what You were going to study at a certain period, maybe read some interesting short story about that time/subject so as to gain perspective. It would be like taking a course in a subject that You want to know about, like sailing ship maintenance or the like. And You would be just introduced to each subject, thinking that You would, a week later while on a holiday, go quickly through what You studied in the previous period - maybe an hour or so for everything: just remember what you studied, no need to take any exams about it.

So You could learn "tricks": "This is like this!", "Oh, this I know already..." instead of being trained to do things in a robot like way - which for sure will soon be reserved for computers only?

Going once for a course that You like You could remember it all of Your life! But it demands that You sometimes refresh Your memory...

Learn to THINK!

The major goal of the years spent in school is to learn to think independently: to make estimates of one's own of all things in the world, and to make them objectively, so as to not to get cheated and to be able to do things of worth...

So the years in school teach thinking skills. But it is possible to learn real schooled rationality of one's own in a very short while, in say one hour! You too can learn it here.

It is just a question of time and effort, of the choice of goals that the same could be done to all the other goals of going to school. Just phrace Your goals right in official papers... And wait! Help on the way is of course welcome...

Thank You!

Thank You for visiting this page of mine. I sincerely hope that You too will work for this very, extremely worthwhile goal from now on. You can do that by discussing the subject, by letting all kinds of people know that this possibility exists! And You could prove it by the help of the above link to the short course in holistic objective, schooled kind of, common sense like, rationality of one's own.

Thank You!


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