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Children Overdosing!

Updated on November 2, 2020
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Pamela-anne is a certified Freelance Writer who enjoys writing her own articles and ghostwriting for clients on Upwork.


Should Children's Medicine Taste like Candy?

Children's medicines today taste nothing like medicines of old which tasted awful and no child wanted to take them. Today their tastes are so agreeable to children that children are taking them as some kind of sweet-tasting treat instead of medicine. My younger brother and his wife had a scare over the weekend when their 3-year-old daughter (Danicka) managed to open and drink some of a bottle of children's Tylenol. My parents were over visiting my brothers when this occurred; the next thing they knew they were rushing my niece to the hospital. This story ended well as Danicka was given the thumbs up by the doctor; she was so lucky as it could have had a much darker ending. As parents, we all want what is best for our children, but sometimes the things that we have in the house that is there to help keep them healthy can in fact be life-threatening to them! That is if they are not properly secured away from within the reach of exploring little hands! No matter how much we want to protect our children from all of the threats in this world we live in--we cannot protect them from everything! We are not in control of everything going on in the world that could be potentially life-threatening to our children. However, we can at least make sure that we make our home environment as safe as possible--one way is to make a point of keeping all medication in a safe and secure place that only parents and caregivers have access to!

Parents' Worst Nightmare!

In recent studies, it is estimated that 7,226 kids are administered to hospitals in the US because they have overdosed on Tylenol or Acetaminophen. In approximately 18% of these cases, the parents witnessed the overdose. Most kids who end up in the hospital due to a Tylenol overdose are between the ages of 1-5 years of age; they manage to get into the medication and then drink it like it is some kind of sweet-tasting treat. There have been more extreme cases, not common, where a Tylenol overdose has been fatal. One child took three times the normal dose then went to sleep and never woke up. It could cause liver failure, kidney failure, bleeding disorders, and in extreme circumstances swelling of the brain. These results being a parent's worst nightmare but thank goodness these endings are far and few between.

Children taking Medicine Because they like the Taste

Maybe making medicines that taste too good wasn't such a good idea. Would there be as many children getting rushed to the hospital for overdosing if their medicines tasted bad? These young children are taking the medicines because they like the taste of them, pure and simple. I believe the number of children getting rushed to the hospital for overdoses would drop significantly if medicines tasted bad. Parents would have to then find ways to make their children take their awful tasting medicine; instead of trying to stop them from taking it when they shouldn't be. Kids would be turning their heads away from the awful tasting medicine; it would become a battle of the wills! But the easiest and best way for everyone is to make sure the wonderful tasting medications are far out of the reach of little prying hands. Parents that go through this scare must not beat themselves up but instead remember you had the medication to keep your child well. You administer medications to your children out of love and concern; you only want the best for your child or children as a good loving parent would.


We all want our children to be well and safe to make sure that we are providing this for them is to make sure that we make a conscious effort to keep their medicine out of their reach. We must explain to them even though their medication tastes good having too much of it can be dangerous. Let them understand that it is only mummy or daddy that can give them their medication or the adult(s) that are caring for them. We all want our children to be safe and sound we must do what we can to keep our children's medication in a safe and secure place out of reach of little hands in search of a sweet treat.

Dedicated to All the Loving Parents of the World

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Keeping Medicines Out of Reach!

Do you keep all the medicines/ including children's medicine out of reach of children?

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