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Should it be difficult terminate the employment of teachers who violate established requirements

Updated on September 4, 2015

Firing teachers has never been harder. There has been a report that even when a teacher is consistently late for teaching his/her class it is difficult if not impossible to terminate their employment. We as individuals are expected to be on time for the organizations for which we work and teachers should be no different. Individuals in the teaching profession need to have the integrity to be on time for their students otherwise it is sending a bad signal to those they are teaching. It says they are not important enough to be on time, they are not their priority.

Our education system is one of the best if not the best in the world and it is those who teach who make that a reality. Granted there are problems within our education system some or most of it has been the result of the federal government involvement in what is being taught and how it is being taught, e.g. common core. Education has typically been the responsibility of state governments not the federal and the involvement of Washington has made the problems worse.

I applaud those individuals who have a passion to teach as they are preparing the leaders of tomorrow. There are many options to receive an education at this point with the technology now in place. One example is that you do not have to set foot in an educational institution to achieve an education. Education is a critical element of our society and it is important for those that are in the profession of teaching to exhibit integrity principles. This involves showing up on time and teaching the class not indoctrinating students on their philosophy.

In this day and age there are individuals who are inserting their opinion in our education system about many issues/topics and one of them is the Constitution. The Constitution is the law of the land and there is no room inserting an opinion in a classroom environment about any part of our Constitution. Many individuals fought hard to win our independence from Great Britain and those who have served us and are serving us in our military are putting their lives on the line to protect the freedoms we have under the Constitution.

I do not want individuals to become robots when teaching their classes but the subjects should be taught as they are intended not altered through the opinion of the teacher/instructor. The profession of teaching should be of the highest integrity and those who have the passion to teach should engrain the principles of integrity in everything they do while teaching. While there may be some individuals who do not completely embrace the principles of integrity there take their profession seriously.

The seriousness of teaching the leaders of tomorrow should have strict standards and if those standards are violated they should be terminated. Part of the standard should be showing up on time for their class. Another is teaching the subject at hand not altering the course objective by inserting an opinion different than the content of the subject as established. These conditions along with others which may be appropriate in some classroom environments and while some should be in place for all classrooms. A strict set of ethical principles need to be put in place for our educational institutions and those who teach should be required to sign such a commitment. Many organizations have established of ethical principles and if they are violated individuals are terminated. The same should be in place for our education system. d the teachers should be terminated should be accepted by every individual who teachers regardless of the location or level. Individuals who begin their education journey can be susceptible to bad influence especially if the conditions identified earlier in this paragraph are not in place.

Inserting opinion in a classroom environment is not necessarily bad but the opinion of individuals in the classroom should be openly shared not denied. This is how the leaders of tomorrow gets into the habit thinking for themselves not having others thinking for them. There have been some reports that freely exercising an opinion in a classroom environment is restricted in some cases but the opinion of the instructor is not. This is wrong for the students and our education system. Our educational institutions in some instances have become too liberal in the content of their classes. In the past we had traditional values being taught in our educational institutions but that has gone by the wayside and needs to be returned. The values of our country were established when we fought to gain independence from Great Britain and these values need to return to our education system. Instructors need to commit to teach these values and when they are violated the school system involved should be able to terminate their employment. Free speech is one thing but indoctrinating opinions to the future leaders of our country needs to stop.


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