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Show me the Money!

Updated on February 21, 2013

Facts about Money!

Money rules the world. A man's Status is known by the amount he has in his bank. A man is considered Powerful if he has it. He can live like a King and be Happy Forever (pun intended!)

If there was no money; would we be thinking so much about it?

We would be living without the stress, and the doctors and health professionals would have had to chose a new profession.

Health and stress are interlinked. Money is the cause of all this. Still we strive to earn it every day. We wake up every morning and think of the deadlines lined up. We want to run away from it, but then money rules the world, and we have to pay our mortgages, grocery bills, child's education and the pile is never ending. That makes us drag out of the bed and pour some extra strong caffeine into our system, hoping that this cup will make us extra alert to finish what we have to.

Why are we running after money?

The reason we are running after money is that we have increased our liabilities in this life. Man is a hungry machine. He invents and then wants to possess it. Possession does not come easy. Looking back at ice age when man was happy leading a vagabond life. He would wander where the animals would go and would tend to his garden for vegetables.

The concept of money was invented by man, and since then life has become complicated. We had started our life with just the basics such as food and clothing. We made it Complicated. This complication lead to Stress and health issues.

How much money do we need in this lifetime?

With the inflation, the amount we need is more than the amount we earn. This results in loan. We should try to live our life in the fold of our earnings. Make cuts here and there to save enough for a rainy day too.

Ponder on this...

We should learn to be satisfied with what we have rather than yearn for things that we do not have. That will lead to misery and dissatisfaction in life. Life, which is lived in Happiness and Satisfaction, will Pay Off in the Long Run.


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    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 7 years ago from United States

      true brenda :) thanks for stopping by!

    • profile image

      Brenda 8 years ago

      This sure was a meaningful article. No Money then no meaning in Life!