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Significance of wellness programs in preventive care programs

Updated on July 1, 2017

On my opinion, preventive health programs and more specifically wellness health programs could be more economically viable in generating a positive return on investment ROI for an organization. This observation is backed by a number of studies which point out the significance of wellness programs in preventive care programs. For instance, a study by the National Business Group and Watson Towers established that wellness programs were quite effective in curbing the level of attribution. This is also so with many chronic ailments such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others which could be effectively prevented through wellness programs (Milken Institute, 2016). Therefore, the significance of wellness programs in preventing ailments cannot be overemphasized.

A closer examination of the study by Rand Corporation (2014) shows that the ineffectiveness of wellness programs in saving an employer’s money on healthcare is determined by the management of such a program and the leadership approaches exerted towards the program. For instance, the kind of resources and time to be distributed towards the program should be determined by the size of the organization. In particular, it would not be economically viable for a small organization to employ massive resources on wellness programs with a small number of workers. In addition, the study also established that the failure of the wellness programs in reducing healthcare costs emanated from low participation of workers. This implies that the management has a role to play in ensuring that all workers take part in the program. What is more, the study went on to acknowledge a significant decline of hospital admissions from the use of wellness programs. This means that the program could be effective and financially viable if good management is applied.


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