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Silver and Gold, What You going to do?

Updated on November 9, 2011

Silver and Gold What You Going to Do

Silver and Gold What You Going to DO
Silver and Gold What You Going to DO | Source

Silver and Gold What You Going to Do?

With the recession in full swing and four dollar gas per gallon, we best get our silver and gold out cause the dollar is slipping sliding away. Yes silver and gold, you may not know what you are really worth, unless you have used your head and purchased some gold recently because the price will skyrocket even past what it is now, so buy gold. Next the almighty silver is worth its weight as the Greeks initially pointed out to us about how they used silver interlaced with gold to make their coins in 600 BCE. These were beautiful coins back in their time, and now they would fetch a pretty sum of money.

If you have good items, I would tell you to hold onto these and buy more if you have the extra money. I am not being paranoid. I am being honest. We can’t print money like the US government can, and we actually have to earn it, The system we have in place now will cease to exist. This is not a freak deal it’s the real deal, I wrote an article about a city in MA. That issuing their own currency, and you know it’s working for them. The article is listed under my name, and I have so many I can’t remember the name. Do a search on the little town in MA? That is using their own form of money to monopolize the system and see how it works, pretty good..

Back to silver this metal is soaring to new heights and though not as gold in value. It will be. I live in Oil and Gas country the oil prices per barrel are over one hundred, and they will not go down, either, they will go higher as war increases in the other worlds and we depend on other nations for two thirds of the oil we have right in our own backyards yet, an environmentalist said we will kill all living creatures. Here is a funny fact, the environmentalist said the same thing about the Alaskan pipeline, and I watched a Nation Geographic episode, and the Polar Bears were sleeping next to these staying warm, not hurt in this place

When silver and gold are as high as they ever increase and oil as well, it prices the dollar out of the door, you may one day be going through McDonald’s and exchanging a ring for those fries and a coke. It sounds stupid but it is real. The time has been coming it’s like a pimple it has not burst yet. So don’t freak out and buy goods that are canned for a while to have a stockpile to barter with, the gold and silver markets are way high, and if you think I am full of it, go and search out what happenings when inflation in a recession will eventually do to your hairdresser days. You will be bartering for possibly food or precious metals. This is no joke and I wish it were, with all the destruction and the inflation and unstable governments of the world, just add two plus two and use the God given brain, and it really is a matter of months at present Save your silver and gold and buy up more, now, don’t put it off. You will be sorry.

Actually, I am just a writer, and these are hub pages that are fed into the system to learn about humans and their reactions to stimuli, and we feed the brain of these computers with too much information to make money, those mostly are scams. So go get your silver from the web page that I have linked to this page and keep buying from whomever, flea markets are a great place to find silver and gold. Have a great day.


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